NLC pays tributes to DR Congo’s Gen. Kassonghov

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 The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has described the death of Gen. Martin-Luther Kassonghov  of DR Congo as a loss to the Pan-African movement and the Nigerian working-class family.

 The NLC President, Mr Ayuba Wabba, said this during a special tribute organised in his honour Monday in Abuja.

 The late Kassonghov, who was over 80 years, died Jan.2 in Abuja while on exile in Nigeria.

 According to Wabba,  Kassonghov was a former senior military officer in the Congolese Army during the progressive administration of  Patrice Lumumba, the pioneer Prime Minister of the Congo DRC.

“He went on exile upon the assassination of Lumumba who he served loyally.

“He spent most of his time in exile initially as a guest of the Nigerian government and for most part of his stay also as a guest of the Nigeria Labour  Congress,” he said.

 The NLC president also added that the late Kassonghov was a dedicated progressive, a friend of the Nigerian working-class and a true Pan-Africanist and indeed a worthy son of Africa.

Also, Comrade Hassan Sunmonu, a veteran in Nigerian Labour movement described the late Kassonghov as a “dynamic, committed and defender of the truth”.

Sunmonu further said the late Kassonghov was more of a Nigerian than Congolese.

“While he was on exile in Nigeria, he supported and gave his very best for justices and the struggle for the working class,’’ he said.

Also, Comrade Issa Aremu, Chairman, Governing Council, National Institute of Michael Immodu Labour Studies, said the late Kassonghov fought for justice and fairness for all.

“We have really lost a comrade, a Pan-Africanist, an African optimist, who led a very good life, for the liberation of our continent for the struggle to emancipate the oppressed people of the world.

 “We also say that he was a living Michael Immodu on his own right, because he was also blessed with long life just like Pa Immodu.

 “I think the best tribute we can have for Kassonghov, is to continue where he left, which struggle for justices and fairness, which is the best tributes we can give to him,’’ he said.

 Aremu also called for a posthumous award for him in recognition of his contributions, struggle and legacy in the fight for justices and fairness.

 He also commended the leadership of the NLC for the struggle in accommodating Kassonghov and making him homely in Nigeria.

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