NLC wants mover of Nigeria independence motion honour

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has asked President Buhari to recognized and honour  Late Chief Anthony Enahoro who move a motion for the independence of Nigeria. 

and other notable Nigerians who fought for the independence of the country; but yet to be so recognised.

NLC president Comrade Ayuba Wabba who spoke in his massage to commemorate the 59th independence anniversary said Chief Enahoro as a young man in 1957 move the first motion for Nigerian freedom,so need to be recognised. 

Also,  Pa Imoudu, known as labour leader number one, who led the first major strike by the Railway workers during the struggle for independence of this country. 

While celebrating the independence anniversary, the labour leader urge Nigerians to make it a difference by teaching the generations that are coming, including this generation that have not benefitted from fun and pageantry of celebrating the essence of independence to continue to do so.

According to him, the new generation of Nigerian didn’t know the significance of independence, what was the struggle, and who are those that led the struggle for the independence.

“Most of them (who struggle for independence) actually died in penury. It is high time also for some of them to be recognized. Many of them have not been recognized. I remember that very young man then from Benin, Anthony Ehahoro. I am not sure Enahoro had been so recognized in the scheme of affairs given the right place based on the role he played. 

“I cannot remember any monuments or edifice that has been named after him and these are people that had done all the best to actually put our country on the path of progress and development, and also fought for independence. Many of them, including our Labour number one, Michael Imoudu; all of them played very significant roles leading to independence.

“I remember, it was the strike of Railway Workers that also played very significant role in bringing about our independence. The essence of our independence and what our expectations or the expectations of our forefathers were then have not been achieved. That, I think everybody will agree it has not been achieved.”

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