NLO Div.1 goes on 2 weeks break, transfer window opens

The Nationwide League One, NLO have announced a two-week break of the 2021/22 league season commencing from Monday May 16th.

The league organisers announced yesterday that the two weeks break which will commence from May 16 till  May 31st,. The break will also afford the participating clubs the opportunity to beef up their teams with new players.

“The Nationwide League One Secretariat hereby wishes to inform all the Nationwide League One Clubs that the league will commence two weeks break from Monday 16th to 31st May 2022,” organisers announced on Monday.

“The NLO Secretariat expects the clubs to use this break to fortify their teams by registering additional players to boost their teams.”

The NLO will also use the window to play the NLO22 Division Two League scheduled to commence from Sunday 22nd to Saturday 28th May

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