NLO unveils promotion, relegation format

The Nationwide League One (NLO) has made known it’s format that will be used in promoting and relegating of teams in Division One and Two at the end of the current season, as it plans to make the Division Two a Youth League, strictly for players within the age bracket of U-19 in 2023.

At the end of the mid-season meeting on developments in the league, Board of Directors and Management of the nation’s third-tier domestic league, took crucial decisions as it affects the structures of the league.

Some of the decisions taken, are in line with the ongoing discussion with its potential partner.

The Board approved that at the end of the season, promotion and relegation will be as follows; From Div. One, Eight Teams will be promoted to Nigerian National League (NNL), while Eight Teams will be relegated to Division Two.

That any promoted team to the Nigerian National League (NNL) that sells off its slot shall not be allowed to return to NLO with the same name.

As for Division Two, 16 Teams will be promoted to Division One, while same number of teams will be relegated from Division Two to State League.

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