NNPC: Don’t replace Mahmoud Attah, Northern parliament begs Buhari

Northern Parliament has urged President Muhammadu Buhari not to allow people with parochial interest tamper with the list of NNPC board members as announced by his government, particularly the rumoured replacement of Alhaji Mahmoud Adamu Attah. 

Addressing correspondent on Thursday in Kaduna on their open letter to President Buhari, Speaker of the Northern parliament, Dr Awwal Aliyu, and the Secretary, Engr. Musa Idris, said that there were rumours in the social media that Mahmoud Attah’s name has been replaced by one Mrs Lami Ahmed Onayi, a petrol station owner.

The move, according to them, does not go well for the North and Nigeria, as the said Adamu Attah is “more qualified than his so-called replacement and will give better representation considering his impartiality and wealth of experience”. 
“We are here today to address the unfortunate development regarding the appointment of Alhaji Attah making the rounds in social circles that his name has been removed from the list of appointees signed by the media aide to the president as published. That in his place a certain Mrs. Lami Ahmed Onayi will now be the board member. 

“Certain elements are at work to derail genuine effort of the Buhari administration by making sinister moves to affect this change and bring in a questionable character, who does not qualify to be on the NNPC board, due to conflict of interest, as she is a key player in the petroleum industry and owner of a petrol station, let alone stand as replacement for Attah.

“As we deliver this open letter to Mr. President, it is worthy of note that since the presidential statement announcing his nomination to the Board of NNPC was made public, as authorized by Mr. President, there has not been a counter-statement announcing the withdrawal of his nomination. Who then has dared to change a presidential directive?

“The Northern Parliament therefore asks what are the offences of Alhaji Atta? Why deprive a man with such a distinguished background, coming from the highly revered Atta Ibrahim Royal family of Ebiraland, the opportunity to contribute towards charting the path of progress for the NNPC and the oil and gas industry in Nigeria?

“The Northern Parliament call on the leaders to always be weary of those who for personal interests will truncate any genuine effort at moving Nigeria forward at a time when Nigeria needs to leverage on it’s best hands and brains at this period when low oil price has the potential to make the country attractive for oil and gas industry investments. This is where people like Alhaji Atta are most needed.

“The Northern parliament therefore calls on President Muhammadu Buhari as Minister of Petroleum Resources and the minister of state to take a closer look at what is happening with their effort at reengineering the petroleum sector. We therefore call on the President to use his revered office to correct any anomaly in the appointment of Alhaji Mahmoud Atta as a member of the board of NPCC as announced.”

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