NNPCL denies operating secret accounts


The Nigerian National Petroleum Company Limited, (NNPCL) has debunked the allegation that it operate secret bank accounts.

Group Managing Director of the of the company, Mr. Mele Kyari, gave the clarification during the resumed hearing of the House of Representatives  Ad hoc Committee Investigating the Joint Venture operations of the company  since 1990 to date.

”This company is owned by two hundred million Nigerians who you represent. We are accountable to the Nigerian people and the national assembly. We will do everything possible to corporate and provide every data or information that will be required by this committee in the discharge of its duties.

“More than anything, we are together in preserving value for our country through all investments we have made over the years and as we continue to make sure this value comes to our country. We have no reservations around any data or information that the committee may require for any purpose within the discharge of its duties that it is constitutionally required to perform.

“Having said this, let me put it on record, Chairman, that there is no account that the NNPC operates that is not known to the government and the Accountant General of the Federation. We always submit the list of the accounts we operate. We make sure that we have  appropriate approvals at all times to establish any account for this company”, he said.

He further told the committee that “if there is any information that the accountant general requires, we have two set of accounts, the accounts operated by the NNPC and also accounts operated by our joint venture partners on our behalf. So, there are two separate sets of accounts. But I don’t know what information you are looking for that you do not have. Mr. Chairman, I can tell you any information you need, I will give you directly.

“You do not need to go through anyone to get these accounts. We will give you full details of all these accounts. So, I have absolve them of any responsibility. I will give you all the information that you want so that they cannot disclaim. I will give it to you directly”.

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