No amount of prayers can cure coronavirus – Spiritualist claims

The Spiritual leader of the Igbo nation, Chief Rommy Ezeonwuka also known as Ogilisi Igbo has urged the public to disregard religious leaders calling for prayers against coronavirus, saying that prayers were ineffective to the deadly disease.

According to Ezeonwuka, pastors claiming that prayers can eliminate coronavirus pandemic were fake and operate mushroom Churches through which they could take advantage of the fear of COVID-19 to lure and extort money from people.

He adviced people to rather follow government directives and guidelines aimed at containing spread of COVID -19 such as wearing of face mask, washing of hands with soap and sanitiser and social distance, noting that Churches were still under lock and key in Europe where the Christianity originated. 

“Let me make it clear to the general public, Prayer is neither the solution nor a means by which Coronavirus will be contained. Anyone spreading such deceptive message must be an agent of Lucifer. Churches are still under lock and key in Europe where the Churches originated, if prayer can deal with Coronavirus why can’t they open Churches in Europe and be praying?” he asked.

Ezeonwuka enjoined the law enforcement agents including community vigilante outfits to beam their search light on “mushroom Churches and arrest any pastor and his followers who fail to adhere to the directive and guidelines against the spread of Coronavirus. “

He also called on State Governors to approve interstate movement of food items and livestock through way bills for availability of food items to people, as well as allow farmers transport their agric produce from their farm to markets. 

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