No one has yet broken my record at Kannywood – Mansura Isah

Mansura Isah, the tall lanky and extremely beautiful wife of popular Kannywood actor and producer, Sani Musa Danja, was born in Kano on February 25, 1985, in Anguwar Gama Kasuwar Takari to the Alhaji Isah Naira da Kobo family. She tells ALIYU ASKIRA in this brief chat that none of her colleagues has been able to break her record at Kannywood just yet.


I attended the Federal College of Education (FCE) Kano Staff School where I wrote both the National Examinations Council (NECO) and the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) and came out with flying colours. I later did a diploma in computer studies before I gained admission at Bayero University Kano (BUK). However, I was married in the process and had to complete my degree programme at the University of Abuja where I was based with my husband in the heat of the Sharia uprising in Kano.

For us in Kannywood, I was the first actress to become a producer using my money; I rose to become a celebrity without any iota of crisis and I have been successfully married to another Nollywood actor, Sani Musa Danja, for 13 years with four children – three boys and one girl. And to cap it all, I am now a big time marketer and philanthropist.

You always look younger and very happy; what is the secret?

Many; one, God created me as a Muslim. Secondly, I got married to the guy I love at a tender age and we have four children – and all of them are Kannywood stars. Also, I am a graduate and the chief executive officer (CEO) of Today Life Foundation where I help the less privileged by paying their medical bills in addition to assisting them during Ramadan. On the home front, I am enjoying my marriage and as such I have every reason to be happy.

Tell about how your journey to Kannywood began

Honestly, it is a very interesting story. I started as a caterer and food vendor; actually, I did not have interest in acting initially until one Auwalu Larabawa who stays in our area asked me to cook for them whenever they were on location. Thereafter, other members of the industry began to patronise my catering services. Then one day, a certain Aminu Kwai Abaka asked me to make up my mind and start acting. Coming from a strictly religious family, it was not easy, but I started acting secretly until a friend to my brother told him that I had started acting. This caused a serious crisis in our house, but my father later gave me the approval to continue to act. And then I have continued to act till this day.

After featuring in a couple of films you ventured into production; tell us the challenges you face?

Askira, it was hell for me; in fact for my first film which I produced in Jos, most of the actors and actresses I invited refused to come, with most of them asking who Monsura was to produce a film. Undeterred, I went to Jos without a director, and later I asked Falalu Dorayi to direct the film for me. He did and it was successful. Since then I have been into film production, marketing, and importation of goods such as shoes, bags, wrappers, and even promotion of sports activities. Generally, I work hard to see that my family is comfortable even though my husband is rich.

Talking about your handsome husband one wonders why your marriage has remained peaceful.

I knew my husband very well. Before I married him women were flocking around him because he is handsome and has money. In a society like ours ladies can be crazy about celebrities, but I have made up my mind that if I see I will pretend that I did not see, if I hear I will pretend that I did not hear. This means that I am in for better and for worse. I have already come a long way with my husband, so I will never allow any lady to come from nowhere and mess up my marriage. My husband and I are always busy travelling; and I hear all manner of gossip, but that doesn’t bother me because I love my husband and my family very well.

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