No one will come here to build our country for us – Ojo

A former Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Chief Bayo Ojo, has called on citizens to work together to build the Nigerian society by fixing the structural defects in the country through essential reforms in the social, political, economic and value systems.

Ojo, who was speaking as a guest lecturer at the 30th Anniversary and Founders’ Day of Lubcon International Ilorin, Kwara state recently, said the country “can only work through collective quest to the extent of the functionality and efficiency of her private and public institutions,” adding that “no one would come over here to build the country for us.”

He said, “We have the duty to individually and collectively roll up our sleeves and get to work, to build a society we desire by working committedly at fixing the structural defects in our national life through essential reforms in social, political, economic and value systems.”

He said, “The government on its own part is required to continue to make concerted efforts in strongly pushing reform as well as transformative programmes and policies to significantly grow the economy and enthrone sanity in the country’s socio-economic and political space.”

While urging the people to be committed in playing their own parts in the nation building enterprise towards making the country work, he said “it is in the best interest of all of us if the prevailing social tensions in the country abate and the social landscape becomes stable, because there can only be the desired economic prosperity if the country is made safe and secure for investment.

He continued, “We cannot afford to allow the country to fracture beyond redemption, and we cannot bequeath a fragile nation to the next generation. As such we must work together to fix the country and reposition it on the path of sustainable prosperity.”

Blueprint had earlier reported the lecture with an erroneous headline: “Address reforms on Nigeria’s structural defects now, Ojo tells FG”, a report the ex-minister disclaimed as not being the true reflection of his lecture.

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