No pay cut for Katsina United staffs, players – Chairman

Prince Abudulsamad Badamosi, the chairman of Katsina United football club has reiterated that every staffs, players, backroom workers, technical crews will receive their salaries in full after some clubs resorted to pay half of thier staff salary to keep up with the economy in wake of the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak.

He said, “For this pandemic issue, we have not cut any of their salaries but what happened is that, I paid all team players on Friday, officials technical staffs everyone working for the club”.

“I paid half of their salary with reasons being that, it is based on what I have at hand, I know people pay exactly half salaries in a seemingly tough time as this”, Badamosi added.

“But for me, I see no reason why players, staffs and club officials shouldn’t be paid in full, It was decided to use what we have at hand, 50 percent for now”.

The club officials and backroom too have gotten 50 percent of thier pay, once we have the remaining money, we will pay the rest. We secured this money from govt to settle our problems and hardship nonetheless, we should bear this in mind that we won’t cut anybody salary at Katsina United”, the Chairman bodly explained.

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