North Korea envoy visits APC chairman, seeks Nigeria’s collaboration


North Korean government has said that the growing vitality of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) in Nigeria will serve as the foundation for bilateral relations between the two countries.  

North Korea in Nigeria, Ambassador Chi Tun Chon Hu further said Nigeria is the only nation with physical presence in Pyongyang hence it will continue to maintain bilateral relations with Nigeria having come a long way as a people with unique interests. 

Chi Tun Chon Hu said this when he paid a visit to the office of the national chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Tuesday in Abuja, stressing that the both countries share ties of independence together. 

 He stated that Pyongyang is committed to strengthening developing ideas with Nigeria as the Congress of workers party in Korea is committed to ideals that will promote economic development of both nations.

 According to him, “our two countries have a longstanding  relations of friendship and cooperation. The leaders of the two countries and its people rejoices with the creative achievements which both countries are making. And have exchanged high level delegations. High level government delegations visited Nigeria to celebrate the first democracy day last year.   

“The government and the party of the people’s republic of Korea prioritizes developing bilateral ties with the federal republic of Nigeria. The central committee of the workers party of Korea has congratulated the recent achievements of the APC and national committee of the APC have replied to the congratulatory message. 

 ” We hope to seize this momentum to take our bilateral ties between the two ruling countries to a great level. The ruling party of Korea, the workers party has a history of 75 years. The workers party of Korea have put forth the policy of independence and led our people to victory. The policy of independence is something we share in common’, he said. 

 He said further that Nigeria and North Korea have shared a lot in common, noting that the recent party registration was a huge success.

 “O have followed closely the recent registration of membership of the party and it turned out to be a great success. And we rejoiced in this success. The increase in the membership shows the popularity of the party and also the just policies of the policy of the party. We cannot think of the success without your efforts in attending this meeting. I hope that the party achieves greater success in taking the Nigerian people to the next level. 

“The policy of the ruling party, the APC has always remained central and its proving it vitality in the recent time. And this has become the foundation for developing bilateral ties between the two parties. 

 “We believe that exchange and cooperation between the two countries through cooperation can avail us more. We cannot develop relation of cooperation through more ways and thoughts. Engagement and exchange are very important in developing bilateral ties.”

He reiterated that all the parties have their challenges especially when one is pursuing policies of independence. ” We are facing similar challenges. Right now, we are under sanctions by the outside forces. But our people and members of the party believe we will emerge victorious as long as we pursue the policy of independence.  
“This is a very important time when the party should join hands to face its challenges together. We look forward to working with APC in future. 
 He said the historic events of the workers party has been held in January this year, adding that the Republic of North Korea is ready to forge ties with other nations often world despite it’s not satisfactory relationship with Nigeria few years back. 

He said: ” And after Congress, his excellency, King Jun Hun has been elected the general secretary of the workers union of Korea. And the central committee has set fort plans for bilateral ties with other political parties in different countries. 

 “And the ruling party in Nigeria, APC is one of the parties is we wish to develop bilateral ties. Nigeria is the only country that has its diplomatic mission physically present in Pyongyang . This is a demonstration that the both countries are ready to advance and strengthen its bilateral ties.   

” However, the interaction between the two parties was not at a satisfactory level in recent years. I am happy to inform you that I will report this meeting to the central committee of the workers party of Korea immediately. 

” Report that I have engaged hopefully with the party’s committee of the APC. I look forward to engaging with the Committee often in future for the benefit of the two political parties and for the benefit of the two countries. I look forward to your personal support and relations at personal level as well”, he noted.

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