North Korea’s squad blunder at the 2010 FIFA World Cup

The highly secretive country of North Korea is a nation that causes a lot of curiosity among those who live outside. When it comes to things related to football, they have, for example, the truly magnificent Rungrado 1st of May stadium. This is one of the largest sports venues in the world, capable of seating more than a hundred thousand fans. Currently, is a website for online betting Ghana, and from there, fans can even wager on North Korean football.

The North Korean national team also causes a lot of curiosity when it participates in the FIFA World Cup or in other major sports competitions. Speaking about the World Cup, the team has participated on two occasions. The first one was the 1966 edition, and the second one was in 2010. In order to make online betting, the best website is 1xBet Ghana, which is a platform that features all the editions of the FIFA World Cup for betting.

Problems when assembling the squad

Back in the 2010 FIFA World Cup, the rules for naming the squads that were going to participate were very clear. All teams should make a list of 23 players. Of those 23, it was mandatory to have 3 goalkeepers. Matches of all squads that participate in the FIFA World Cup can be wagered on the website.

The North Koreans selected three goalkeepers, as indicated on the rules. They were:

  • Ri Myong-guk;
  • Kim Myong-gil;
  • and Kim Myong-won.

However, there was a small problem. On paper, Kim Myong-won was the third keeper of the squad. However, in reality, Kim was a striker. The coach of the team, Kim Jong-hun, thought that two goalkeepers were enough. The performances of different goalkeepers can also be wagered on at the 1xBet website.

A big oops

According to FIFA the rules were clear. Those who were selected as goalkeepers could only play as goalkeepers. For this reason, Kim Myong-won, who in reality was a striker, could only enter the field to play on the goal. The 1xBet app for your phone can be obtained for totally free, and punters can also wager on bizarre occurrences like this if they want to.

Probably Kim Myong-won and coach Kim Jong-hun should have felt quite bad about what had just happened. In reality, the coach had only 22 usable players, and Myong-won understood that he would be unable to play in his preferred position. His only chance to play would be if the other two keepers would get injured. This didn’t happen.

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