Northern delegates condemn attack

Samuel Aruwan

Northern delegates to the going National Conference have condemned yesterday’s bomb attacks that killed over 200 people in Nyanya.
In a statement issued by its spokesman, Anthony N.Z. Sani, the delegates said: “Northern Delegates Forum joins the National Conference in condemning the bomb explosions which took place in Nyanya this morning and claimed many lives of innocent people and destroyed properties. May God give those who lost loved ones and property as well as those injured the fortitude to endure the pains that have come with the destruction.”

The statement added: “Given the fact that the security challenges now transcend ethnic and religious boundaries, one begins to question the wisdom of continuous association of such violence with ethnicity, religion or with region. Our intelligence community and security agencies need to brace up their intelligence and operations in order to put an end to the killing of innocent Nigerians.
“The strategy of using both hard and soft power as counter terrorism strategy should be rejiggered for performance. As to those who erroneously believe violence can address their concerns of perceived grievance; Northern Delegates Forum wishes to remind them of the trite that no violence ever solves problems. Only ultimate reconciliation that comes with forgiveness does so.

Furthermore, few things are less pleasing to God when innocent people are killed in God’s name.
“It is against such back drop that NDF appeals to the insurgence to avail themselves with the civilized process of addressing concerns as the only available options that can meet the requirements of the two parties.”

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