Northern delegates felicitate with Christians at Easter

Northern delegates in the ongoing National Conference yesterday felicitated with Christians over Easter celebration.
In a statement issued by Anthony N.Z. Sani, its spokesman, the delegates, under the aegis, Northern Delegates Forum, said: “The Northern Delegates Forum wishes to commemorate with Christians over the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, which come up next Friday and Sunday, respectively. The events were both sadness and joy, precisely because the good Lord suffered the pains of crucifixion on Friday and the joy of resurrection on Sunday in order to save humanity.

“In the same spirit, we pray God to help make us use the occasion for all that is associated with the event of Easter: to pray, celebrate with families/friends and to engage in forgiveness that goes with true reconciliation for the good of all.

This is very necessary, more so in the face of mindless killings of innocent people by those who wrongly believe violence can address their perceived grievances, or they do so in the name of God who inspires peaceful coexistence and upholds sacred inviolability of the individual. And that is why all religions teach us to love our neighbors the way we love ourselves. They never teach us to love only our ethnic nationalities, nor only our brothers, neither to love only members of our faiths. True love transcends ethnic and religious boundaries and promotes core values of humanity.”

The delegates appealed for peace and understanding, saying: “It is against this backdrop that Northern Delegates Forum appeals to all Nigerians to live up the spirit of the seasons and preach the peace needed for meaningful socioeconomic and political development that can help those who need their burdens lifted and those who wish barriers to realising their rights broken.

The challenges facing Nigeria are not beyond redemption. And so the difficulties facing the country should not be allowed to make Nigerians reconsider their togetherness, but instead use the togetherness and live up their synergy against the common challenges and overcome them.”

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