We were not satisfied with that and went to the Supreme Court.

Since 2016, on the 27th of April this year, the Chief Judge of the Federation wrote the lead judgement saying that the Federal did the right thing by restoring the orders.
That’s to say that the nullification of election, the recognition and so on have come back to life.
Legal intrigues et al The matter that was before the court of appeal in Jos is that the defendant was not a substantive matter.
It was the restoration of those earlier orders we requested because, in 2014, when we heard that they had orders to conduct another election, we approached the court to tell them not to go, but to explain why they want to go.
The court invited them, but they refused to come and instead went and conducted another election.
So, we went to court and told the court about the contempt of court and requested the parties involved should be committed to imprison or that the contemptuous election should be set aside.
The court rejected our first prayer to commit them to prison and accepted the second prayer to set aside the elections.
The court gave an order that we should be in office and be recognized pending the determination of the motion on notice, so those were not substantive matters.
So, when they appealed, the Court of Appeal said the Federal erred and we were not satisfied and went to the Su- preme Court.
So, it is not a sub- stantive matter, but a restoration of the orders.
The Chief Judge of the Federation said that we should go back to the for the continuation of the substantive matter, but while those orders were alive.
A lot of controversies came up after the Supreme Court judgment and I told my board members that we need to clear them by going to the .
I asked the Federal High Court for certain prayers.
We told the Federal High Court that we want those orders restored and to direct the IGP to enforce them.
All the decisions should be set aside and the Federal High Court accepted and gave us those orders on the 5th of June this year.
But because of the World Cup preparation, we thought that it was not proper for us to resume that time.
Even if we did, we would have less to do, because the former board had already gone far in the World Cup preparations and we needed to allow them; in order for our team to do well in the World Cup.
It was after the World Cup that we sought for the enforcement of the orders.
We are now serving as the new executive committee of the NFF after the enforcement of the orders.
FIFA ban threat on Nigeria Nigeria is a sovereign nation.
As football lovers and associations, we have agreed to associate ourselves with FIFA.
They have their statutes, which they have given to us, but even the FIFA statutes states that we should abide by anything in our own statutes.
It is our statutes that is keeping NFF together.
Article 1.1 of our statutes states that NFF is a registered entity under the Nigerian law.

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