Not yet Uhuru over Kano state APC leadership

The situation in the All Progressives Congress, APC, in Kano state can’t end with the present presumed victory of the third party, because it is just the beginning and not the end. The problem is not that the third party has no constitutional right, because there is nowhere a parallel election would have been adjudged to be legal.

Actually, the court verdict should be honoured in the sense that there was a space to appeal to the next level of justice, this is how it has been in a democracy all over the world.

The case of Kano state is not different from that of Lagos, Ogun and the 11 states that had the same problem. In Lagos state, for example, there were three camps including the one for the sitting Governor and in Osun too something like that of Kano happened; we do not know whether they would go to the court to receive the same judgment just to quench the thirst of a few elements who boasted that they have people in high places at the Villa, this is unfortunate indeed.

One would want to see whether the presumed people at the Villa will do the same to Lagos, Oyo and all the the other states where the same disgusting events took place. Very few individuals who call themselves “seven-very important personalities” have to do things even against political decorum in order to spite Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje of Kano state.

Ganduje has been in one trouble or the other since 2019 caused by politicians who assume that he became the governor against their wish. The worse part of it is the role of two former governors who erroneously think that they are still in charge whereas their time had since expired.

It is because of these people that other disgruntled elements are doing everything to drag the Ganduje government to the mud. The gang played out in the 2019 governorship election which was declared that inconclusive.

Although the so-called inconclusive election occurred in some other states but that Kano was caused by a few people who were nursing some animosity instead of generosity. Now the court has done its job and the struggle continues.

Elections of this nature must embrace seriousness by the echelon of the party because the opposition party is still rejoicing thinking that their own political-ship is berthing very well and avoiding un-navigable river – it’s not yet uhuru for other things are yet to appear. Governors should be the leader of the party and not a presumed senator who cannot even be elected at his own ward. Time will really tell who leads APC in Kano?

Comrade Ibrahim Abdu Zango,

Chairman, Kano Unity Forum,

Kano, Nigeria


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