NOTAP pushes for patenting, commercialisation of R&D results

The National Office for Technology Acquisition and Promotion (NOTAP), believes Nigerians are endowed withenormous talents that needs to be further developed for commercial exploitation.
The National Office for Technology Acquisition and Promotion (NOTAP),was set up to regulate the inflow of foreign technology into the Country due to the highly consumed foreign technology.
Knowledge is key At the expo, NOTAP awarded numerous individuals, institutes and agencies, with their patented certificates.
It was an admirable sight to behold.
And it will interesting to note that this patents is sponsored by the agency itself so as to encourage those involved to protect their rights.
“NOTAP takes care of the fee for patent to encourage inventors” Director – General of the agency, Dr. DanAzumi Mohammed Ibrahim disclosed.
As Nigerians desire for attainment of technological independence gathers more momentum through advocacy and exhibition of inventions and innovations emanating from various research and innovation centers across the country, NOTAP encourages researchers to patent their inventions for onward Commercialization.
According to the DG, that the agency in carrying out its statutory function of registration of Technology Transfer Agreement, realized that Nigeria operates a weak Intellectual Property Culture which was responsible for over dependence in foreign technologies.
He added that for a country that is desirous of transforming into a global technology brand, indigenous capabilities should be developed and encouraged to engage in researches that will have direct impact on the economy.
He said Nigerian researchers have come up with some incredible inventions but a number of them are yet to be patented.
He encouraged the researchers to submit their claims to NOTAP for assistance in obtaining patents at no cost to the inventor, adding that patent was a major step to commercialization.
Ibrahim said it was not the business of a researcher to commercialize his research work but the venture capitalists, arguing that no entrepreneur or venture capitalist will invest in an invention that is not patented, adding that patenting of an invention gives the inventor the legal backing to commercially exploit his invention for 20 years without infringement.
He further stated that what differentiates a developed and developing country was the number of products and services emanating from their knowledge Institutions as no country develops without strong and viable institutions that power the economy he said.
He reiterated that global emphasis has shifted from resource to knowledge-based economy therefore any nation that is still gasping in the euphoria of strong natural resources in the 21st century will be left behind in the technology sphere.
According to the DG, in order to ensure that Nigeria is in tune with the global trend, NOTAP is partnering with the academia/research institutions in establishment of Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer Offices (IPTTOs) to increase Patent awareness within the knowledge institutions.
“ These efforts I can tell you are yielding positive results as Universities and research Institutions like Federal Institute of Industrial Research Oshodi (FIIRO), Nigerian Defense Academy (NDA), Covenant University Ota etc, are not only turning out number of patents, but products that can stand the taste of time”.
Importance of patent certificate Patent is concerned with the function, operation, manufacture or material of construction of an article.
According to NOTAP’ DG, “Patents are those inventions that can be patented, as we advise them to patent their invention to avoid infringement.
Whatever they come out with is a product of their intellectual activity.
The need to patent a work is to protect your right from a total stranger making money out of your sweat.
Our responsibility is to first of all assist their intellectual property, as soon as they get the patent certificate they get the monopoly to convert it into economic value for themselves only but if any entrepreneur wants to invest in it, the first thing he does is to find out if it is registered so as not to invest wrongly”.
Funding inventions He said the Agency not only certify patents but also promotes by bringing to the limelight what the young ones have done.
Adding that NOTAP doesn’t have the power to fund but makes connection for sources of fundings on behalf of the inventors.
“The six technologies chosen out of the numerous technologies on ground are the best for now and the Bank of Industry is trying to fund.
With the introduction of Research and Innovation Council which the President is cheering, there would be National and Research and Innovation funds from the Council which is meant to fund some of those inventions that our young talented Nigerians to the next level and we do not expect an inventor to spend his time invent and commercialise it, having the resources to do so.
The future of this country is to see our young and talented inventors coming out with their inventions and as well turning it into goods and services for consumption or use.”.
“Over 80% of technology is been imported, if we continue like this we will not be able to power our economic.
We need to develop these technologies and modify them to become our own Nigeria technology so that we can reduce alot of foreign technologies”.
The NOTAP boss noted that Nigerians at the moment, are expected to take over the driver’s seat in moving the nation forward since foreigners cannot develop the social economy of this country.
He said the need to encourage the young and talented innovators to commercialise their inventions to the next level is a necessity

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