Nothing wrong in men using women’s skincare products – Daramola Oluwatobi

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“Beauty is about style. It knows no gender.” This was a statement credited to a top fashion brand, Chanel to announce their first line of makeup for men in September of 2019 in the United States. Makeup and skincare for men are now not just accepted but seen as tools men should use to practice self-care but also just to look and feel better, so says David Yi of men’s beauty site, Very Good Light.

The beauty industry has become a vibrant one in Nigeria in recent times with more and more brands springing up to show up. One of the leaders, however, is Daramola Oluwatobi, the Chief Executive Officer of Thowbie Makeovers’. In a recent interview she took us through the routine of beauty, style and why men should immerse themselves in the use of cosmetics, highlighting her reasons.

According to her, “Many skin products, even those marketed to women, are fine for both men and women. A moisturizer that works for a woman will work for a man as well. While there is nothing wrong with a man using a woman’s skincare product, there are some skincare products that are designed to specifically meet men’s needs.”

“ Everyone has a right to be beautiful be it a man or a woman. Cosmetics improves the features of the face and skin, therefore improving the image of that person. This can change lives because in the real world, image matters. A man wants to have a good image and confidence that radiates confidence and a skin that glows. Hence, a man should use cosmetics like a woman.”

Speaking further, she reeled out special beauty routine for men, “I have 8-9 tips I’d love to share with men; Moisturize your skin, Take care of all the organs inside your body, but what are you doing to care for your largest organ – your skin? Protect your face when you shave clean, treat razor bumps and ingrown, cleanse your face, use shampoo for men, men can Use conditioner too, minimize wrinkles and keep your lips soft,” she added.

After 6 years of establishment, clients from all walks of life flock to the Lagos-based Thowbie Makeovers for Daramola’s top-notch body contouring techniques. Using a suction cup, she works to non-surgically reshape and enhance clients’ bodies.

“Body sculpting business is gradually growing in Nigeria, not everyone is aware that they can have their dream body without going under the knife so we make sure we keep telling people and convincing them about our non-surgical body enhancement therapy,” she said.

Daramola has also undertaken further skill enhancement training to expand her skills, to make her stand out among her numerous competitors

“To stay updated in the field, I went for training in the UK on body sculpting that has to do with fat reduction in the belly, the back, and the thighs. I also so butt enhancement, that is, non-surgical increase in your butt and also breast size,” Daramola added

“I have also travelled to Dubai to further my training. So, all of these trainings have really enhanced my skills and helped my business to grow,” she said.

Daramola Oluwatobi attended Ola Olu Primary School in Shomolu, Lagos and Surulere Girls Secondary School.

Apart from having her Bachelor’s degree from Olabisi Onabanjo, she did a couple of professional courses in music, computer science and others. She also did professional courses in beauty aesthetics and sculpting. She’s a Christian and single.

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