NPFL: Clubs bow, agree to play abridged league

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Against the backdrop of the ongoing disagreement between the Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL) organizers, Interim Management Committee (IMC) and the 20 Club  majority of
whom  have revolved to align and playing the 2022/23 abridged league proposed by the IMC after initially kicking against the idea.

According to some of the club managers, they noted that they are not against the process of reorganizing and standardizing the league.

According to one of the club chairmen, “CAF deadline for club registration in the continent is 31st of June, and you’re proposing to end the league in May”

“what will the players be doing during this period when the league ends,” another club chairman queried.

”The club’s wages is heavy on us, and you want to extend it?
you’ll be surprised to know that we have been paying players and backroom staffs salaries since August last year.”

According to a club chairman from one of the north central clubs, he said, “We’re not out to truncate the league or sabotage the programs of IMC, what we are agitating is for us to dialogue and adopt the best option for the league.

“We expect the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF ) to intervene in this matter by calling us all, the premier league clubs and the IMC to a round table discussion on the abridged league format.

”The IMC  chairman, Hon.Gbenga Elegbeleye has been blackmailing us, using the media, and making us look as if we lack integrity, thereby, giving the impression to Nigerians that we club managers are corrupt.

“You may recall that there has been wrangling since the IMC announced that the 2022/23 NPFL league season will be played in an abridged format, with some of the chairmen disassociating themselves from the arrangement.”

According to one of the club chairmen from the southeastern team, ”Elegbeleye the IMC chairman said he was going to explain to our Governors at the Governors forum that, we club chairmen should not be held liable should our clubs get relegated at the end of the Football season,” very funny and laughable a club chairman intoned.

Meanwhile, a meeting has been slated for Thursday 4th January between the NFF, IMC, and the 20 club’s chairmen at Sandralia Hotel, Abuja, by 2pm.

It was also gathered that during Thursday’s meeting, the IMC will be presenting a take-off grant of N10 million cheque to all the twenty premier league clubs (

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