Npower batch C employment: How payment issue will be solved

For N-Power Batch C volunteers whose payroll status recently changed from “failed” to “pending”, should take note the stages below which are the procedures stipend will undergo before payments.

1) If you are an N-Power Batch C volunteer and your payroll status says ‘PENDING’ it simply means you are being processed into the payroll structure, once you are on the payroll list it means your chances of being paid is at 100%.

2) From “PENDING” your payroll status will change to “PROCESSING” this simply means your money/stipend has been sent to your bank from Central Bank of Nigeria, again your chances of being paid at this stage is 100%.

3) Once your payroll status displays “PAID” it simply means your account has been credited, if your payment status displays paid, it means your chances of being paid is >100%, at this stage all N-Power Batch C Volunteers are advised to keep checking their banking app or use their bank USSD to check if there was an increase in their account balance.

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