NSCDC boss warns promoted officers against corruption

The Commandant General of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) Dr. Ahmed Audi, has threatened serious sanction against any officer of the Corps cought in the act of corruption  saying such will not be tolerated under his watch.

Speaking Wednesday at the Corps national headquarters in Abuja, while decorating five new Acting Deputy Commandant Generals (ACGs) and 12 new Commandants, Audi also said promotion of officers under his watch will be based on merit.

The NSCDC boss who lamented that some of the newly promoted officers were denied promotion for the past 11 years, assured that such will no longer be the practice under his leadership.

“When this promotion came up, I removed some people on the list who were promoted within the past 3 years. This kind of practice is not fair to people who have been denied promotion for more than 11 years.

“As a commandant of this corps, I will ensure that merit prevails. The era of sacrificing merit at the alter of mediocrity is over.

“When I was appointed, I told you that I am a product of merit. I will continue to promote positive culture for a unique identity for the corps.”

He urged them to mentor the young ones and shun corrupt.

“All of us must join hands and work together. You must teach the young ones and encourage them to do better. I also urge you not to soil your hands in unproductive ventures; as corruption will not be condoned under my watch.”

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