NSCDC N18.1m unaccounted – Report

Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC), has not accounted for N18 million in 2015, an audit report reviewed by Premium Times has revealed.

The report, which detailed financial records of Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) of the federal government in 2015, is the latest from the Office of the Accountant General of the Federation.

The report revealed a common pattern of poor accounting by federal establishments.
Premium Times had earlier reported how the report indicted several other ministries and agencies, including the ministry of women affairs and the accountant general office.

According to the report, N17, 051,800 was missing in the records of the ‘general payments’ of the NSCDC. Also, relevant documents could not be provided for N410, 000 value added tax (VAT) and N680,000 withholding tax allegedly remitted to the Federal Inland Revenue Service.

This makes it a total of N18, 144,800 unaccounted for between January and December 2015 by the corps.

“The sum of N40,615,156 was recorded into the transcript as payments for the period under review, whereas a corresponding entry of N27,939,956.06 was recorded in the Analysis Book, thus leaving a discrepancy of N17,054,800 unaccounted for,” the report stated.

“Value Added Tax totaling N2, 110,605 was remitted to the Federal Inland Revenue Service. However, receipts of acknowledgement of remittance for the sum of N1, 700,605 have been produced, while receipts for the balance of N410, 000.00 allegedly remitted to FIRS have not been produced as at the time of writing this report in October, 2016.

“A total sum of N3,321,693, being Withholding Tax deductions from various contractors, were remitted to the FIRS over the period under review. However, only receipts for the sum of N2, 641,693 issued by FIRS were produced for auditing. The balance of N680, 000.00 allegedly remitted have no acknowledgement receipts for the payment made.”

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