NSCIA delegate condemns killing of Christians by Boko Haram

One of the delegates representing the Nigeria Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA), Nurudeen Lemu, has said that the body he represents strongly condemns in totality the killing of Christians by the dreaded Boko Haram insurgents in the northern part of Nigeria.
Lemu, a young man spoke eloquently to the admiration of all delegates yesterday at the plenary when it was his turn to comment on President Jonathan’s inaugural address, saying the killing was not in conformity with what Islam as a religion of peace is known for.

He said, “As a delegate and  people representing faith in God from the Islamic perspective, one thing we believe is that God will protect the community that stands for justice, even if they are not Muslims. And God will not protect a community that goes contrary to justice even if they call themselves Muslims. God is not a religious bigot, he does not oppress anyone, God is with those who care and have love for others.

“One tendency for those who claim to follow a religious tradition is to slide to the position of believing that ‘we are better than others’. We over estimate our virtues and under estimate the goodness in others. The tendency in us is to become spiritually arrogant. We forget that others are just people like us.”
Lemu continued, “As a delegate of the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs, we condemn the murder and murderers of all Christians; we condemn the murder and murderers of all Muslims, not because they are Christians or Muslims but because they are human beings and creatures of God.
There is no compulsion in religion, we are all born Nigerians, we all belong here, we will all have rights to self determination. We should have respect for others.” He said.

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