NUJ demands military checkpoints on Okene – Lokoja- Abuja road

The Nigeria Union of journalists (NUJ), Kogi state chapter, has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to restore military checkpoints on the Okene – lokoja – Abuja road to check the activities of blood-thirsty criminals.

In a statement signed by the chairman of the Council, Adeiza Momohjimoh and secretary Ademu Seidu, the union noted that the road “has become a safe haven for criminals who have left tales of woes on the families of their victims.”

The statement read in part, “An army captain GSM Abubakar driving in company of his wife and mother was last Sunday shot dead and his wife and mother kidnapped while two naval officers were reportedly shot dead on Thursday within the same axis.

“The criminals no doubt have taken the advantage of the withdrawal of the military from the road to unleash mayhem on innocent road users with deaths on its trail.

“There is the need for the police to up their game by patrolling the road instead of creating roadblocks and preoccupying themselves with checking of vehicle particulars.

“The criminals take advantage of these lapses by striking in between police road blocks. The fight should be taken to the criminals den in their various hideouts instead of waiting for them to strike before taking actions.”

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