Ogah as Next Level technocrat

‘Never give up.’ It’s probably one of the most cliché phrases you’ll hear as you’re building a career or in pursuit of dreams, visions and goals. However, there’s a reason these sayings are clichés since one can’t tell when success really lies around the next corner. As the saying goes: ‘it is easier said than done’, so a lot of us developed fantastic dreams and visions while growing up! Some of us dream of becoming pilots, especially when we saw an aircraft bulldozing its way through the cloud. We dream of becoming medical doctor, engineer, lawyer, soldier, etc. Nevertheless, as we grow up, many of us began to give up on those beautiful dreams and visions due to the challenges of life. Some never go beyond primary and secondary school levels and others go to higher institutions yet with their beautiful dreams turn out to be a mirage. Some blame their inability to fulfil their dreams on poor background and bad government. Whatever the excuses, I want to be bold to say that; the world is not a playground. As I step further in pursuit of my visions and dream as media practitioner, human/community development expert and a politician, I found out that the drumbeat of the game of this world never favours the best dancers but only those who understand the rhythm of the songs that make the drum to beat and as well step into the dancing arena with the mindset and mentality of a victor. Take it or leave, challenges of life shall continue to remain . But those with bulldog tenacity spirit can never be a victim to the world challenges instead, it will make them to venture into the storm of life like an eagle bird to emerge victorious.

Without hashing words, Chief Barrister Dr. Uche Sampson Ogah is one of such indomitable and unwavering personality who against all odds waxes through the storm of life to get to his present status. Dr. Uche as an infant began to display signs of greatness, especially having been privileged to hail from a royal background. However, human wickedness and manipulations stood against him. But for someone who is determined to succeed, the will of the Almighty God must surely prevail to lead him or her to the peak of success; such was the case with Dr. Ogah. The erudite scholar, blessed with unequivocal leadership styles, delved into the journey of life, backed up with the humongous presence of God, he began to stand tall above his contemporaries right from primary school to higher institution. That’s why when news had it on July 22, 2019, that he was one among those picked by Mr. President to form his cabinet, those who are familiar with the leadership prowess of the Abia state born technocrat never saw it as a surprise., rather they came out massively to applaud the fantastic decision of President Muhammadu Buhari to have chosen him as a member of his next level cabinet.

Before now, the name Dr. Uche Sampson Ogah hardly rings bell on the minds of people, not because he wasn’t making exploit in his various endeavours but for the reason that he chooses to go about his life quietly even when it was on record that most of his age mates across the country can hardly compare themselves to the amount of achievements he has made both human and infrastructural, yet he never blows his trumpet. Nevertheless, since a golden finish can never be hidden among other fishes, Dr. Uche Oga was in 2015 pressurised by every indigene of Abia state to vie for the number one position of the state. He hearkened to their calls, ventured into the murky waters of politics but was however demolished by the rigging machine of the then ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). The indomitable Ogah rejected the outcome of the result, went to the court and was surprisingly declared as the authentic governor of the Abia state on the ground that the incumbent Governor Okezie Ikpeazu submitted false information to his political party during the PDP primary of November 2014. As expected, the news of the grand breaking judgment by Justice Abang of Federal High Court Abuja began to escalate like tsunami disaster news. Nevertheless, the man who was the main actor of the news everyone was longing for was silently mapping out superlative strategies on how to transform Abia state with his stolen mandate which was restored by the court. Ogah, an erudite scholar and a business mogul who never gives up over whatever he makes up his mind to pursue was however disappointed by the half-baked judgment of the Appeal Court which upturned the ruling. The Appeal Court and the Apex Court quash his dream. Yet, the man, popularly called the doyen of modern politics in Abia state, never gave up on liberating the good people of Abia state from the hands of greedy and selfish political class that has been feeding fat from the state treasury to the detriment of the entire Abians.

Again, Ogah, like Abraham Lincoln, resurfaced in the hot water of politics, joined the guber contest for the second time with passion to set things right in Abia state for the benefit of every citizen of the state. He was given the ticket of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), still he lost out to the incumbent governor. And as usual, not satisfied with the result of the elections, Ogah, born to High Chief Wilson and Ezinne Pauline Ogah of Oruaku Uturu of Isuikwuato local government of Abia state, proceeded to the election tribunal with a high hope of removing Governor Ikpeazu from office through legal means. Will Dr. Ogah be able to achieve his dream of governing the good people of Abia state at this time, especially now that the evidence he has against the incumbent governor are very concrete, it is only time that will tell as we eagerly wait for the final judgment of the election tribunal in the nearest date. In this connection, let me in brief applaud again the decision of Mr. President to choose him as one among his highly technocratic group of ministers. No doubt, Ogar will perform excellently in view of the fact that he is well prepared before now to take the Next Level Agenda of Mr. President to cloud nine not just above the sky. Come to think of it, he is a well groomed entrepreneur that is blessed with a lot of intellectual capacity to achieve great things out of nothing. An oil magnate with deep knowledge in the productive management of oil and gas, Ogsh is a well-trained banker with versatile knowledge on the management of economy. Through this knowledge, he has been receiving national and international recognition. He is the founder and the President of Master Energy Group of Company, a conglomerate with work force of over 42, 000 with special interest in oil and gas, banking, insurance, aviation, shipping, dredging, logistics, construction, travel services and energy and power. Dr. Ogah is a well blessed man in every human facet yet remains humble and highly accessible for everybody devoid of ethnicity, religion, political affiliations, parental background, etc. Honestly, if I am to fully present all the criteria that in all aspects prepared Ogah to doggedly and brilliantly face every challenges of life and even the current task of serving as Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in the anti-corruption government of Buhari, space can never be enough. Nevertheless, I urge you my ardent readers to watch out for more on his leadership competency as we move on in the journey of life. 

Ohimini is an Abuja based journalist.

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