On APC and brand new Jonathan

Dr. Goodluck Jonathan

“When the calamity we feared is already arrived, or when the expectation of it is so certain as to shut out hope, there seems to be a principle within us by which we look with misanthropic composure on the state to which we are reduce, and the heart sullenly contracts and accommodates itself to what it must abhorred.” – William Godwin.

Somewhere around the globe leaders convey joy, happiness, prosperity and economic development to the ruled. Over a decade, the aforementioned essentials for good leadership have waxed and waned in Nigeria. In the last 13 years, Nigerians have drowned in blahs and growing more melancholy every day.

The mention of the names: “Buhari, Jonathan” makes the blood of an average Nigerian boil. These nightmares ruined the nation beyond redemption. Instead of pursuing excellence and give the nation a clear sense of direction, both Buhari and Jonathan pursued retrogression, hopelessness; salivating the underlings and quibbling beyond what is reasonable.

What really determines a leader is largely one’s political formation, national commitment, love for his country, cognitive intuitiveness of identifying brilliant minds and ideas, self-denial and sound sacrificial ideals. Unfortunately, neither former President Goodluck Jonathan nor incumbent President Muhammadu Buhari possesses or exhibits the aforesaid principles.

Throughout the unproductive six years of Jonathan and now the wasteful seven years of Buhari, Nigeria has lost international honour and dignity; the nation has been grappling to cast-away the numerous disasters caused by the cluelessness of these leaders. Each runs the nation as if he was/is assigned a mission to wreck havoc on the populace.

It’s obvious now the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) is on the cups of something terrible and that thing is the ugly idea of bringing Jonathan back to the throne. Surely, darkness reigns at the foot of APC. What does this pack of deceit called APC mean by this suicidal mission?

Is APC ready and well prepared to reconcile the clear contradiction between the brand (Jonathan) they put down, tar-brushed as grossly incompetent, clueless, recklessly insensitive, brazenly irresponsible, irredeemably corrupt and the brand new Jonathan they are now trying to make their standard-bearer?

At this sober time of national renewal, at this time of upheaval when the nation is in the sea of uncertainties, at a time when the economy is stocked in reverse gear, in this auspicious moment when character and integrity are the signs and symbols that are absolutely needed, the man that was universally described as ineffectual buffoon and who had already done a colossal damage to the nation is certainly not the right man for the same job that requires certain degree of trust. He who participated in destroying Nigeria in the past would not partake in rebuilding her because destiny doesn’t believe in failure.

A person of Jonathan’s tragic qualification and profile is never asked to correct the wrong he himself had instituted. We can’t expect the author to burn his own book. Jonathan could no more be rebuilder of Nigeria than wind can’t turn to rock or mud into gold. But Buhari has seen Jonathan as the ultimate alternative because he managed to sink even lower. It’s hard to ever imagine that Buhari will have a remote link with Jonathan in respect to succession plan, but for an intellectually handicapped, politically naive like him who had already convinced the world that there is neither honour nor integrity in governance in Nigeria it’s all in a day’s work.

Buhari’s attitude towards governance illustrates that Nigeria’s car has continued to be driven in reverse gear by drivers including himself. Thinking of bringing Jonathan back is just like calling the captain of a ship whose negligence and inexperience had caused the death of many. The only thing that mediocre captain will achieve is to completely submerge the ship and make sure that no single one on board can survive the next accident. Jonathan had melteddown Nigeria; Buhari has milked her to her knees, and looking at the caliber of people Buhari wants to succeed him is a confirmation that he doesn’t mean well for the entire nation.

The only candidate that perfectly possessed presidential credentials doesn’t seem to be Buhari’s favourite. The choice of Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu will not and will never go down well with those parasitic cabals who are less assure of themselves about what is possible in private life without the country’s largesse. Today, we are just five days to the presidential primary election yet, the presidency has been in limbo and drowned into the abyss of confusion in view of which puppet to field; pliable puppet that will carry them along, forever trade their dangerous path and eventually sink the nation even deeper.

They perfectly know that Tinubu is a movement; he will not go with the flow; he will definitely sing a different tune. He is just like a medicine, good for you but hard to take. Those who love the party and those who want to save the party from collapsing before the general elections must choose competence over hype; integrity over corruption; decisiveness over wavering; rationalism over chauvinism; action over rhetoric and above all security over living in fear. Failing to do this will mean that those who have fed the party so well and feel that they have been paid with evil would likely quit the party after the long awaited presidential primary election.

Amiru Halilu,
[email protected] or @AmiruHalilu