On extra-judicial actions

Honestly, the insensitivity of policemen in Kano has reached the highest level. The reported killing of two youths in the city recently by the police could only be explained along this line.

Kano elders had appealed to the youths not to join the #EndSARS and they agreed. The killings only showed that the police are not reciprocating the gesture.

The present commissioner of police was celebrated on his assumption and is nicknamed Kalamu Waheed but from all indication he is not living to the name.

The police were recently involved in the alleged killing of a boy in Kofar Mata and injuring many people by the same anti-Daba squad in the metropolitan before last week’s incident in Sharada.

It will be good if the commissioner of police rises to the occasion immediately in order to stop future recurrence.

Haruna Ibrahim

[email protected]

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