On Gov Abubakar’s economic programmes

Governor M.A. Abubakar believes in a sound economy to deepen democracy. According to him, no democratic culture can be sustained without the interplay of good economic and monetary flow.
Today, the economy of Bauchi state has improved owing to the bailout from the President Muhammadu Buhari government which has ensured prompt payment of salary after settling backlog of thousands of workers.
Infrastructure development has been amplified. Virtually all sectors received tremendous interventions including health care through effective maintenance, provision of drugs and staffing. Added to these, much effort has been put in place to accommodate the vacuum for greater urbanization, good road networks and electrification.
A special policy framework for the growth of small and indium enterprises (SMEs) in the state has be achieved followed by accessing the national resource pool for onward disbursement to the beneficiaries. Famers enjoyed special packages that rapidly boost productivity for food security.
The packages include: highly subsidized fertilizer and other farm implements and interest free loans to teeming farmers in the state; creation of jobs for youth and women has been achieved via combination of composite economic policies which significantly reduced youth restiveness; encouraged investment in the mining sector; and reviving the state owned dormant industries.
Education is getting priority attention, considering the sector as bedrock of societal development. Let me quote Governor Abubakar’s speech on economic vision during his address after recent meeting of progressive governors: “I have therefore become highly interested in developing a robust economy that is private sector driven. This will ensure direct economic empowerment of our citizens without hitch”.
The Abubukar government is, no doubt, handling state issues with patriotic zeal, irrespective of political leaning and insecurity that ravaged the state. It has gone to equity with clean hands and criticism and advice from responsible people should eschew baseless internal opposition and political affiliations in the fight for total freedom from poverty and other social vices.
Interestingly, it is only names, symbols, ideologies and manifestoes of political parties that differ; the members are citizens of Nigeria. Parties will come and go; government will come and go; but Bauchi state will remain. Am in the affirmative Bauchi state will be the best state in the North under the present leader.


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