On #NorthNormal!

“Babu Arewa kamar Arewan da” – Prof Adamu Baiki

Yes, there are a lot of societal challenges in Arewa as a region, but guess what?  Such happens everywhere in Nigeria and indeed the world at large. But there sure stands a difference. It is only the Arewa of “then” that would self-appraise themselves, establish the problems and stand to proffer peculiar solutions suitable for our peculiar problems.

Today, we have two sorts of people in Arewa. The “Encyclopedia(s)” of intelligence, values, morals, religion and so on, but do nothing other than policing activities of others in every way possible. These sort are the “know-all” and “have-all” in terms of solutions but guess what? All this level of “knowing” and “Having all the solutions” is restricted to their thumbs and phone screens, nothing more.

Now we have the other sort, who thrives to act on solving these contemporary challenges through different channels of advocacy and activism. Yes, some call them the “Arewa Neoliberalists” but at least they are confronting the challenges heads-on. Isn’t this amazing!

We actually might have little issues with the platforms or movements with which they propagate such advocacy, or we might despise some few personalities affiliated to such platforms due to their somewhat “super western values affinity” but these few would never quench the pure drive some of us harbour towards challenging these problems.

Now, if you have a problem with whatever platform or whichever personality anchoring a particular campaign, then stand up and act as well in a way you feel is right and modest or express your grievances in a manner that is comprehensible with solutions on how to tackle such grievances. You have no right to challenge anybody’s actions when you are only good in rocketing critiques from the comforts of your room.

Advocating the domestication of the Violence Against Persons Prohibition (VAPP) Act is absolutely commendable and is in line with our clamour for a more saner and violence (gender) free society. We therefore appreciate the activists that stood up for these protest and made it a reality. For those “camouflagers” hiding behind such movements to harbour negative motives towards such campaigns, we pray Allah should provide a steel wall between our societies and their cruelties.

If you really think we share in a lot of societal challenges as other societies, then stand and act in your own modest and conservative way, it will be most welcome! After all, it’s not about me or you but the thousands of victims out there!

We shall make #NorthNormal in #North’s peculiar way Insha Allah.

Abdulhaleem Ishaq Ringim,

Zaria [email protected]

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