On ‘Prides of Africa’ Award in Guangzhou, China

Hard work, they say, pays and the reward of a work well done is more work. This is true of Honorable Maximus Ogbonna Ikenna being recognised as one of the PRIDES OF AFRICA and given a wonderful award for his Corporate Achievements on this memorable day of 29th July, 2022 by Appreciate Africa Network (AAN) in Guangzhou city of China. 

Mr. Maximus Ogbonna is a citizen of Nigeria. He has been living in China for 20 years. He is a businessman and an entrepreneur. He is the CEO of Guangzhou Maison Trading and Logistics Company, Guangzhou city, China. He said he is a beneficiary of the high quality development of Guangdong and China in the past 20 years. During business meetings and conferences, Maximus always encourage Chinese investors to look towards Africa and invest more in Africa, especially in his country Nigeria. He always advocates for more cultural exchanges between China and Africa. He encourages greater business cooperation between Africa and China because he always expresses optimism about China-Africa trade cooperation. He is the President Emeritus of Nigerian Community in China and tbe Nigerian Chamber of Commerce. Mr. Maximus speaks fluent Igbo language, English language, Mandarin and a little French language. He is married to a Chinese lady. Their marriage is blessed with two kids. His daughter is almost 12 years old. His son is almost 6 years old. He lives in Guangzhou city of China with his family. 

During his tenure as the president of Nigerian community in China, his administration did a lot of good works for Nigerians in China. In the critical period of the Covid-19 pandemic, Maximus participated actively in the disease prevention and control conferences organized by the Chinese authorities. He rendered selfless services to Nigerians in China. Diplomatically, he helped many Nigerians who wanted to travel back to Nigeria. Mr. Maximus Ogbonna did a great job to bring all Nigerians living in China together in unity and love. He is a wonderful leader of our time. He always has the good of other people at heart. Mr. Maximus Ogbonna is a household name among Nigerians living in China. Just to mention but a few of his great works and achievements that merited him this epoch making award. In his acceptance speech during the award ceremony, Mr. Maximus said “I dedicate my award to all Nigerians living in China. I also hope there will be peace all over the world”.

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