On sack of agric, power ministers

President Muhammadu Buhari

It is said “destiny can never be denied, but can only be delayed” so whatever happens to us is already written in the book of destiny.

It’s good for us to comprehend that democracy is not a perfect system of government, because it’s a combination of different ideologies from different philosophers. Besides, it was formulated based on interest.

Permit me to express my opinion on the sacking of Hon Muhammad Sabo Nanono, a former Minister of Agriculture, who hails from Kano state, and his counterpart in the Power Ministry, Hon Engineer Sale Mamman, who hails from Jigawa state.

However, most of the public affairs analysts are seeing their sack as timely, simply because the former ministers have failed to deliver on their on mandate and with that the presidency as a whole needs a special applause.

However, this is not the first time that a president would sack serving ministers and I am optimistic that it’ll not be the last it is like” soldier come soldier go barracks still remains”.

My concern is not on who are or is behind their sack neither do I want to know the genesis or what offence they have committed that warranted their sack. This is because contemporary democracy has taken different dimensions. In fact, it has gotten to a point where critical and sensitive decisions are made without the decision makers thinking out of the box.

If we look at the way and manner things are happening in the country, one will definitely question the sack of Nanono and Mamman. It could be described as a “political miscalculation” because citizens of Nigeria will not care if the country has good agriculture and proper power supply or not, but they will never ever be in peace security matters get worse.

Mr President should understand that, sacking of Nanono and Mamman wouldn’t in anyway restore the lost glory of the agriculture and power sectors.

The question is, are Nanono and Mamman to blame for the poor service delivery in agriculture and power?
Notwithstanding, what has happened has happened, but still I’ll like to suggest the following, perhaps it’ll help one way or the other.

If I were the president, i would not sack Nanono and Mamman, because a minister can’t do or undo without informing the president. Besides, he’s just incharge of a ministry at the federal level, same with any person that will replace them.

If the president really means good for the country, then former service chiefs would be the first people that should be sacked, not these men.

Finally, I want the presidency and the general public to note that, any reasonable Nigerian will consider this action as “a political hypocrisy” becauseno cogent reason was given for their sack.

Abubakar Muhammad Sani,
[email protected]