On the need to stop Abduljabbar

Though I’m a Sunni and disciple of Sheikh Ja’afar Mahmud Adam of blessed memory but to be fair and objective, I must admit that Abduljabbar’s new brand of teaching is often naive, contrary to Malam Nasiru Kabara’s. Sheikh Abdjabbar Nasir failed to even pass the litmus test of how preaching should be.

Although I will not go deep into Sheikh Abduljabbar’s toxic remarks because we await his prosecution in court, Abduljabbar’s recent arrest might save Kano from crisis. Abduljabbar is hell-bent on altering, twisting the real meanings, and giving false, unverified explanations to Hadith texts of the noble Prophet. Abduljabbar’s contradictory, abominable statements, which are in conflict with what has been given by Salaf (past predecessors) as authentic translation of traditions of the prophet, might ignite violence. Our Holy Prophet enjoys holy, inviolable moral standards. Therefore, no one will just fold his arm and watch Abduljabbar cast aspersions on the Prophet’s untouchable personality. To be fair and just to Abduljabbar Nasiru Kabara, in a debate that has been widely established that he failed to substantiate his claims, many have expected him to simply clear himself.

Besides, he came up with conflicting issues that may confuse people with gullible minds. That’s why you see some Qadiriyya adherents on a daily basis distanced themselves from Abduljabbar’s preaching. The name Sheikh Abduljabbar Nasiru Kabara might sound new to some. Consequent upon this, the manner through which Abduljabbar became a trending topic would no doubt be a big surprise to many. Many people came to know Abduljabbar through Sheikh Ja’afar Mahmud Adam’s intense rebuttal of some unreliable Qadiriyya doctrines. During Sheikh Ja’afar’s lifetime, Shiekh Abduljabbar Nasiru Kabara was the defender of his father’s Qadiryya sect. But today, Abduljabbar is neither protecting his father’s Qadiriyya beliefs, nor defending the reverence of the founder of Qadiryya group.

Although Sheikh Qaribullah has disassociated himself from Abduljabbar’s blasphemous statements to the Prophet, Abdujabbar has carved out his own exclusive part out of Qadiriyya group with his own styles of adhering to Qadiryya teachings. Abduljabbar’s step-brother, Sheikh Qaribullah, is the supreme leader of Qadiriyya in Africa, but for bitter rivalry, Abduljabbar vowed not to be part of Qaribullah’s leadership. Dissatisfied by Sheikh Qaribullah’s position, also, to challenge the status quo, Abuljabbar therefore came up with his own style of adhering to the teachings of Qadiriyya.

Those who followed Abduljabbar Nasiru Kabara’s preaching must admit Abduljabbar’s bombastic, self-assertive styles of preaching. Abduljabbar appears too arrogant, haggard faced looking, excessively bragging, elevating himself as the sole custodian of knowledge of science of Hadith. Understandably, Kano people take religion seriously, as a result, Abduljabbar’s inflammatory lectures might ignite religious violence. Hence, the need to tame his hydra-headed monster of denigrating the revered position of the Holy Prophet, and prophet’s companions. Abduljabbar’s verbal assaults to Holy Prophet and his revered companions might spell doom to Kano peaceful coexistence. Thankfully, different Islamic groups coexist without any conflict, but Abdljabbar’s actions seem contrary to that achievement. He overstepped his boundaries by bringing unnecessary discussions that may negate the peace efforts of our security agents.

Abbas Datti,

[email protected]

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