On the rapist palace guard and homosexual emir’s servant

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In the last couple of weeks, Zazzau Emirate in Kaduna state has been thrown into a bewildering dilemma – the arrest of one Shehu Umar Ciroman Baraya (emir’s servant or Bawan Sarki) by the police for alleged sodomising a minor as well as the arrest of Sama’ila Abubakar Rimini Tsiwa (Dogari) for allegedly gang-raping a would-be bride have not gone down well with one of the oldest emirates in Nigeria.

The reports of such an abominate act of these randy individuals which occurred within the span of some few days drew condemnations within and outside the emirate. While commenting on the issue of sodomy, the emirate expressed ‘rude shock’, saying that as an institution that believes in the rule of law it will not allow any form of immorality to exist within its jurisdiction.

It also appealed to the police and other security agencies handling the matter to expedite action and ensure without further delay that the accused is prosecuted, to serve as a deterrent to others.

While people are still contemplating the quantum of damage the case of sodomy would bring to the palace following associating the culprit with the revered institution, another one struck. And it’s the most disgusting and disturbing.

Traditional institutions are the custodian of the people’s norms, values, and traditions, as such people with questionable character should not be allowed to associate closely with them because their immoral attitude will tarnish the image and jeopardise their hard-earned values and norms. The prompt action of the Zazzau emirate by the immediate dismissal of the randy palace guard and condemning the heinous act of homosexuality is commendable as it would serve as a deterrent to others.

Sexual immorality in whatever form is reprehensible and condemnable. For these rapists to use their positions to obtain sexual favours from vulnerable victims is callous and therefore stands condemned. Given the current happenings and the rate at which cases of rape are being reported almost daily in our society and the lack of provision of a coherent and vibrant system that will deal ruthlessly with perpetrators to serve as a deterrent to others has aided its escalation.

While noting the fact that the suspects were reportedly prosecuted and currently languishing in prison custody awaiting trials and judgement, I call on the Kaduna state government and other stakeholders not to relent in dealing decisively with the matter. They should make sure that the cases are thoroughly investigated and that justice is served accordingly.

Safiyanu Ladan,

Zaria, Kaduna state

[email protected]

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