On the renovation of DanFodio Juma’at Mosque

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Blabbing is one of the things I detest most, because it is the easiest or quickest way to know that someone is a fool or is unreasonable. This is why I hardly  associate with bluffers, but I do welcome and appreciate objective interaction, in fact, I love hanging out with intellectuals.

One good thing about the Nigerian constitution is that it allows citizens to express their opinion freely, though with some limitations, because there are penalties for defamation.

This is the first time my pen is writing on Danfodio Juma’at Mosque Anguwar  Sanusi in Kaduna, Kaduna state and perhaps this is the last, only God knows. Therefore, I try to be brief and objective.

I know well that many people will think otherwise after reading this piece, simply because they will see something weird in me. But those who follow my thoughts, know what I am capable of doing.

Let me begin by thanking and praying for those who one way or another contributed towards the maintenance of the mosque from establishment to the present day. May Allah reward them in abundance, amin.

No one can deny the fact that renovation of the mosque is a welcome idea, because no one would love to see his room or business environment looking unhealthy, as such I am praying that Allah bless those behind this new development and those who are currently contributing their quota towards its completion, amin.

However, the fact is that the renovation of the Danfodio Mosque at this time, is a total misplacement of priority and uncalled for. Besides, the committee members and the chairman seem to have lost focus and their actions have clearly proved that they need some lessons on humanitarian services.

In Anguwar Sanusi, there are households that are languishing in hunger and poverty. These people cannot afford to train their children in school, some  are orphans, some need small capital to do business, while some cannot pay rent. Many of these poor and vulnerable people are living around the mosque. U, this committee has overlooked them and went ahead with something that is not important now.

About N350 million has been budgeted for the renovation and expansion of the mosque. How it feel if the committee allocates a fraction of the money to assist the people with the aforementioned problems?

In my opinion, the Danfodio Mosque needs no expansion, renovation or redesigning. This is because a mosque can only be expanded or renovated if the initial structure is dilapidated or can no longer accommodate the people. But this is not the case with the Danfodio; the building is not old neither is the space is not enough for those observing prayers.

For the sake of those who are not in Anguwar Sanusi or do not know the present status of the mosque, and also to justify my preference and for record purpose, I am sure the below caption will carry them along.

Preparation has since began, and they’ll be no review on whatsoever ground, and I don’t have voice not to talk of whether it would be heard or not, but if I am wealthy enough, i can’t respond to such request, I will rather take care of the people with the above problems first before looking back.

May the committee’s dream come to reality and may Allah bless any single person that contributes towards this work, amin.

Abubakar Muhammad Sani,

Kaduna, Kaduna state 

[email protected]

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