On Yari for APC chair, call for unity and 2023

The All Progressives Congress (APC) was formed as a result of the
various challenges that the opposition faced in the country. The merger of the various progressives gave birth to the party prior to the 2015 general elections. Chief Bisi Akande, elder-statesman, former deputy governor of old Oyo state and second executive governor of Osun state became its pioneer chairman, later succeeded by Chief John Odigie-Oyegun himself an
elder-statesman and former governor of Edo state before Adams
Oshiomhole whose tenure generated controversies, substitution, lack of
respect for the rule of law and garage style approach to issues which
created rancour, division and lack of unity among party members that led to the deserting of the national party secretariat by Senator Lawal Shuaibu, erstwhile deputy national chairman (north).APC that defeated an incumbent administration of former President Goodluck Jonathan possesses qualitative think tank, formidable team players, experienced politicians, elder-statesmen and women as well as decision makers endowed with all it takes to deliver democracydividends but due to the blunders of Oshiomole, all these astute members chose to form parallel groups. As 2023 general elections draws near,
not just any egg head could be given the leadership of the party.

Agreed that the Mala Buni caretaker committee is taking steps to
address certain issues, according to Hon Bashir Yusuf, the chairmen of
the APC Aspirants Forum, Buni’s committee alone cannot unite the
various factions. The only better, experienced, educated,exposed and central force that can bring back the glory of the party
is the immediate past Governor of Zamfara state, former Reps
member and former chairman of the Nigeria Governors Forum (NGF)
Senator Abdul-Aziz Yari, whose positive antecedents as former lawmaker in the lower chamber of the National Assembly made it possible for him to be elected governor of Zamfara state twice. His stewardship as chairman of the NGFenabled the opportunity to make and take decision for the general
interest of the country which stands him the best to further bring
back the lost glory of the party. Governors are strong stakeholders in the APC, as such a former governorlike Yari possesses all the ingredients
required to transform, unite, make a formidable plan and reconcile
aggrieved members. When we formed the APC Aspirants Forum, the essence was to advise, support, and defend the rights and interests of all the aspirants either defeated or proposing to aspire on our great party platform. Some of the manipulations and wrong decisions of Oshiomhole as APC helmsman cost the party some states, federal constituencies, senatorial districts and even image.

All the discussions, meetings and deliberations all fall on 2023
elections. And the questions that come to our minds as patriots of the
APC are what become of the party after Buhari in 2023? Can the
APC still clinch the presidency? Has the APC delivered to the
electorate the various promises made? To find answers to these
questions was why we feel a bridge builder and an easy going party top
echelon like Senator Yari is the right candidate for the seat. He has the capabilities to reach out to lawmakers in the state,federal, governors and former governors, aggrieved stakeholders and even some members that haveleft the party. If mistake is made in selecting a neutral, accommodating, tolerant, and foresighted chairman, then the quest to hold grip in 2023 after Buhari could be a forgotten issue.There are insinuations that some agents of disunity, destabilization and disintegration of APC have foundplaces in the very heart and soul of some the party stakeholders in
order to stop to the victory of the party at all levels in 2023. The Edo and Ondo governorship elections are clear manifestation of this intelligence findings going by how the Edo state governor Godwin Obaseki was frustrated out of the party as wellas the ousting of the Ondo state deputy governor Jegede who all
decamped to the opposition PDP. Most of the bye-election, elections and seats lost to PDP were as a result of the one-sided arrogant,ill-conceived and myopic calculations of Oshiomhole. Yari seems to be the only true patriot and ambassador of the party who knows the fault and the remedy. Some members of the party truly believe in the capability of Yari.

Yari’s valuable input, contributions and all inclusive network in further propagating the Muhammadu Buhari anti-corruption stance, fight against insurgency and respect for humanright while in office and after office, enabled the president to trust
him, seek advice from him and exonerate him from any wrong doing
as governor of Zamfara state against the expectations of some of his critics who had expected the president to arrest and possiblyincarcerate him.The poor governance PDP is accusing the APC of were as a result of lack of an effective party administration that could complement the giant strides of the APC led Buhari administration.Be it as it may, APC through the emergence of President Buhari has reduced corruption to the bearestminimum, re-integrated internally displaced persons into their
communities, reduced bomb blasts, capacitated the apex bank and
discouraged open bribery. There is no doubt that invisible visitations
by ex public office holders like Yari to the president often acquint and intimate Buhari with development ranging from insecurity, human rights abuse, infrastructural decay,unemployment, cost of commodities, etc. APC, if care is not taken, mighttake wrong party decisions.

Therefore, President Buhari should support the man who had at one time united the state governors who are major links between the presidency and the grassroots.
Yari, no matter what anyone would say, stands better chance above other candidates for the betterment ofthe APC as a major ruling party.
Bashir Yusuf,Chairman, APC Aspirants Forum

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