Ondo 2020: Woman activist urges electorate to join Kekemeke movement

Ahead of the 2020 governorship election, Ondo people have been urged to identify with and join the growing Isaac Kekemeke political movement which will be committed to enthroning transparent, developmental and progressive government in the state.

Managing Director of UD Bond Shelter Services Limited, Mrs. Priscilla Orji, who made the call in a chat with newsmen in Abuja, Thursday noted that the Kekemeke political movement is the only one in Ondo that has the vision, competence and political will to truly run a government that will transform the state and improve the living standard of the people and residents of the state.

Mrs. Orji urged Ondo electorate to consider the sterling track-record of the movement’s leader, Hon. Isaac Kekemeke, who is known all over the state for being instrumental to the infrastructural development in Ondo and support him to continue the transformation of the state which he has been doing in his 28 years of unbroken selfless service to the state and her people.

She described Hon. Kekemeke as the best man for the governorship of Ondo state and called on all and sundry to support him to win the 2020 governorship election.

“Kekemeke, the new lexicon on everybody’s lip in Ondo state is a massive movement growing in the state’s 18 local government areas, committed to enthroning in the state in 2020 a participatory, communal government that everyone in the state will be part of; a government that in the words of the movement’s growing faithful,  is seeable, touchable and feelable.

“Kekemeke is a unity government run by all the communities in the state, a communal government that will be committed to ensuring that each and every indigene and resident of the state will see, touch, feel and benefit from the dividends of democracy and good governance, personally, in his or her life, she added.

She stressed that “the Kekemeke administration will be run by the people themselves, and one which will not be disconnected from the people because it will surely be run by the people themselves and focused on addressing their needs, individually and collectively”.

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