One-on-one with Malaysia-based Nigerian actor, Johnson Igbokwe

Malaysia-based Nigerian actor, Igbokwe Chika Johnson who is also a model and fitness Instructor has revealed what makes him tick. In a recent one-on-one session he opens up the window to his private world as well as his achievements so far.

Igbokwe Chika Johnson is still waiting for his chance to make a debut in the Nigerian movie industry but has given a good account of himself in Malaysia where he is based having shot many television commercials and movies of Tamil, Malay, Mandarin and Cantonese origins.

In the beginning

As a child growing up I have always loved to take part in church activities like drama. I never shied away from the camera. So, naturally I love it.

Life as a model

Thank God I have been able to work with lots of amazing people in the industry. I have done a lot of advertisements and movies both local and international. For television commercials, I have done Caltex, Shell, Patrons Petroleum, Harpic, and Wonda coffee just to name a few .

On life as fitness Instructor

First, good health is wealth, and living a healthy lifestyle is very important. I was very skinny growing up. I remember when my friends used to call me names and make fun of me. When I was introduced to the gym by a friend, I never looked back or stopped and it has helped my career as a model and actor. An actor needs to stay fit but then it applies to everyone.

On Nollywood

The Nigerian movie industry, Nollywood, is making waves around the world and I would love to be a part of that. I have not been able to work with anyone yet from the Nigerian entertainment industry but I am looking forward to that really soon. I have been talking to a few directors and producers, something great is coming really soon.

On promiscuity in acting

Being promiscuous is a thing of the mind. Actors may be the usual culprits in this matter but some actors, male and female have been clean. They have proven it is not a disease common to the profession. As for me, I am a one-woman kind of person, the value of family is very important to me.

Nude scenes

Sincerely, that is my limitation. I can never go nude in a movie. I’m an African man with certain values and beliefs and going nude to express a character or to pass any message of sorts is going overboard for me.

On mentors and regrets

So many people, it would be very difficult to call names. I have no regrets in life, every second is a moment we all live to remember. I learn, grow and appreciate every single second in life without regrets.


I have featured in many films that I cannot remember them all. Some of the films I had appeared in include Singam 3 which was a Tamil film, The Confidence Man, in Cantonese, Sangkar, a Malaysian movie, Gerakan Rahsia, Mat Bond (Malaysia) and a host of others.

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