Only justice ‘ll end insecurity in Nigeria – Archbishop

The Archbishop of Methodist Archdiocese of Enugu, Rev. Christopher Edeh has  called on President Muhammadu Buhari to enthrone justice in the country to end insecurity. 

According to him, “once  there is justice there is peace.”

He  enjoined Buhari’s government to correct injustices in the country which he said gave rise to insecurity.

Edeh disclosed this in Abakaliki  while speaking with journalists during the consecration of Professor Philip Akam,  Commandant of Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps(NSCDC), Ebonyi State as the Prelate/Archbishop of Christ The Light Gospel Mission.

He said, “all the new service chiefs should rise up to do their work, the whole country is in a turmoil,  there is crisis everywhere.

“Let me say this, security is not a function  of the gun, it is not a function of whether you have area surveillance  with the military , it is a function of peace and peace don’t come by force, peace comes by justice.

“Let those who are in authority  rise up and give justice, ones there is justice,  there is peace and their will be no need for more security because with justice,  everywhere   will be peaceful. Let the government rise and give us justice,  everyone deserves  justice,  all the ethnic group deserve  justice but if we continue the way we are going where some people feels marginalized,  many people are disenchanted  with this country. so once we are able to give justice there will be peace, there is going to be security”, he said. 

Meanwhile, Archbishop, Christ the light Gospel Mission, Professor Philip Akam, encouraged the people to get close to God as that remains the best  way to secure their lives and future.

“The best thing that can happen to anybody  is to get very close to God, I  came from a very poor background, my father was a peasant farmer with that he was able to bring me up and I had my GCE. When I saw he could  do no more I asked him to stop, I went to Onitsha, I started carrying  things for people and  from there I was able to raise money.

“It was one day that I met a man God used to change my life while carrying  load for people, he sponsored  my movement  to the United state of  America where I lived for 17 years, I did most of my studies there, thought at one of the most famous  universities  of the world, Adamsmith University  from were I had my professorship and later returned to this country. 

“From the very first day I returned to this country I saw things going the other way round, I shaded tears, I remembered  that I have returned to that same place were nothing works except corruption,  except impunity , victimization, humiliation and so on”, he said.

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