Only oil thieves can support Jonathan in 2015 – Kwankwaso

By Bashir Mohammed

Governor Rabi’u Musa Kwankwaso of Kano state has said that only oil thieves that are plundering the economic resources of the nation could summon the courage to support president Good luck Jonathan’s presidential bid in 2015.
Speaking to newsmen in his office Kwankwaso said Jonathan had lost his grip politically and that the personality cults supporting his antics are doing it for their egocentric motives
According to him, Nigeria as a promising political edifice was reeling from the ropes of instability and chaos as a result of Jonathan’s ineptitude and incompetence in steering the ship of the state lamenting that the foundation of genuine democratic values were being subverted with levity. He however, stated that what Nigeria needed most at present is an all-encompassing change and that
Jonathan and his acolytes are only busy consolidating their grip on archaic democratic structures to sit tight. He stressed that he was in the race for the presidency to kick Jonathan and his cronies out of the political lexicon saying their days in the saddle of power are numbered.
He said, “It was just coincidence how I bought my nomination form the same day Jonathan bought his own. It goes to prove that we are going to slug it out and he is going to be defeated hands down”.
When asked to shed more light on how he would contain the endless insurgency in the country  Kwankwaso further revealed that as one conversant with the mode of operations of the Nigerian Armed
Forces, being a former minister of defense, he will consider the issue of motivation and welfare as paramount in addition to boosting the combat readiness of the military.
He said the Nigerian Military are the most respected in the African continent adding that the Nigerian Armed forces had proven their efficacy in modern military adventures.  He noted that Nigeria’s most basic strategic goal was the total consolidation of the Military industrial complex in line with the standard of the most sophisticated ones all over the globe.
On Tambuwal’s defection to the All Progressives Congress (APC), which had generated ripples within the  top echelon of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Kwankwaso said the defection was just a tip of  iceberg saying many influential figures in the PDP would eventually defect to [APC] before the 2015 general elections take place.

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