Only sustained onslaught can end banditry – ACF

The Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF), the apex northern socio-cultural group, has kicked against declaration of state of emergency in states affected by banditry in the north and called for continuous onslaught against the bandit.

According to the Forum, the declaration of state of emergency in such troubled states in the past did not yield the desired results.

It’s national publicity Secretary, Muhannad Ibrahim Biu, who stated this in an exclusive interview with our correspondent, argued only sustained onslaught will fix the security concerns in the north.

He said: “We have always made our position known on this issue. For those, calling for state of emergency, we don’t think that is the solution. If you recall, state of emergency was last imposed during President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration. But the question is did it provide the desired result? No, it did not.

“So, we suggest that the federal government should deal with the situation the way it dealt with similar ones in Benue, Plateau and others. Like we have also said in our previous press releases, the government should equip the security forces to be able to face the challenges squarely.

“The federal government should also recruit more security personnel. Presently, we have many police personnel attached to politicians. This will make the security to sustain the onslaught against the criminals.”

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