Open letter to governor of Osun state

It was Chinua Achebe who wrote “An Image of Africa and the Trouble with Nigeria” that said the most commonly enunciated Nigerian ideal is unity, with faith following closely. In spite the challenges our country faces today, many of which have done us more harm than good, by impeding our growth and development, we still remain hopeful, faithful, united and unapologetically resolute that things would work in our favour one day, especially with the recent influx of young minds in the business of governance and with leaders who remain ruthless in the quest for prosperity for their State and people like you.

Mr. Governor, permit me to start on the note of congratulating you on the success of adding yet another year to your well-meaning years on earth, it’s my prayer and that of other well-meaning persons, especially those from the State of Virtue that you live long in essence. We are hopeful your tenure would usher in unprecedented growth, development and prosperity for our state. Also, your achievements in the time you have been in office have not gone unnoticed, particularly in the area of health, as the recent inauguration of the governing board of Osun Health Insurance Agency and the State’s Primary Healthcare Board would ensure the people of the state of Osun get quality primary healthcare, coupled with the most recent commissioning of the first 100 of the 332 primary healthcare centres being reconstructed and upgraded in each ward of the State.

Governor Gboyega Oyetola, I’m writing you at this time to share in the disappointment of the people of my local government area – Ifon Orolu – in the exclusion of a representative of the local government area in the cabinet list forwarded to the House of Assembly last week for confirmation and approval. This action definitely calls for reflection as it means your government isn’t all-inclusive as against your promise that no local government will be marginalised. Mr. Governor, while your thoughts on this development may seem pacifying, it has only proceeded to raise more questions as you are quoted to have said that the nominations followed due process with all those selected deserving of the nomination; one begins to think that Ifon-Orolu has no qualified persons capable of quality representation, if not…

We are not only dissatisfied by the omission on the list even when it translates to the fact that our local government area has been side-lined from the leadership of the State, both on the executive and legislative level, but the fact that this development is taking place against the provisions of the Federal Character Commission Act necessitates a swift action. It’s thus only necessary for you as the Governor to look into this, as we have faith in his government to lead our State to prosperity in fairness and justice. The atmosphere that should be of celebration considering the Independence Anniversary of our country has left the people of Ifon-Orolu in mixed feelings, as the feeling among the political class and elite is that of betrayed loyalty.

It’s important to note that this clamour is not in any way aimed at attacking the Governor, as we remain ruthless in our support to ensure the State of Virtues rise above the shackles limiting it to an enviable standard that places it in the heart of all and sundry, but it’s just as important to speak against repression of this sought, as I believe and stand convinced that the price of unflinching loyalty shouldn’t be undue abandonment. Mr. Governor, have my best wishes as you proceed in reforming and initiating programmes and policies that have positive effects on our State and people, we hope our right of working in synergy with your government wouldn’t be trampled upon. God bless the Federal Republic Nigeria and God bless the State of Osun!

Abideen Opeyemi Olasupo is a 25-year-old Global Leader with Restless Development-UK, Member CIVICUS and Bill & Melinda Gate Foundation GoalKeeper Youth Action Accelerator Steering Committee-UK, Business Developer and Sustainable Development Consultant, Serial and Social Entrepreneur. He hails from Aagberi’s Compound, Olufon Ward III, Orolu local government, Ifon Osun. He tweets at @opegoogle and reachable on +2347068775529/[email protected]

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