Open letter to Governor Wike: With love from Dr. Anthony Philips

Get out of your hideout. It is vendetta.

You don’t represent the interest of the South.  Your claim to continue to hide under the arrangement of the founding fathers is shady.   And none of those evoking the spirit was a founding member of the Party. The founding fathers never anticipated your shoddy zoning arrangements. 

Under your watch, you concluded the zoning of the National Executive Committee where Ayu emerged as the National chairman and other positions zoned and equitably distributed to the rest of the zones. In which case six geographical zones were recognized. Ayu represents his zone the North-central as the General Secretary represents the Southeast. So are other officers representing their zones. No zone was left out. PDP members and Nigerians at large celebrated the success of the convention that delivered Ayu and the rest of the National Executive Committee members. 

Was Ayu a party to this process? No!  You spearheaded it. Ayu was only a beneficiary. You brought him to do your biden. 

Since you ( Wike) lost the Presidential Primary election you decided to settle the score with  the North that you  presumed connived with Ayu to throw you under the bus. Your struggle is about vendetta against the North and Ayu.

 For you , getting rid of Ayu is the beginning of your game plan. You have convinced yourself that you are too big to be toyed with. Hence PDP must be destabilized to achieve your goals.

 You don’t want Atiku to win the presidency and You have conspired with APC Governors across the board that Southern presidency is it. You don’t hide it MR Wike. Why are you still waiting to hear from the BOT? 

Your play book is in the market place already . You have a great deal to learn about Nigerian politics. It is a world of difference from your local politics. Upon reflection, you probably would have learnt somethings from your relationship with Sule Lamido, Alimodu sheriff and now Ayu.  How can you want to be Nigerian President and you cannot understand the simple basic rules of building relationships? . Who are your friends? Those who come to you for money.

 Ayu could have been a great friend if only you took time to build relationship with him. PDP created a monster in your dreams.

Wike, must you be reminded that the party, PDP is not your personal possession ? Stop listening to yourself. Now it is difficult to even trust you in the Party. With all your escapades , your several dinnings with your co-conspirators in APC and Labor Parties, you have to convince PDP NEC that you are still in PDP. 

If you thought your shameful shows were intended to gain attraction to yourself, you are wrong. You only exhibited the delusional, confused and frustrated man of our time. 

Your reason to send Ayu packing  because you suddenly discovered that he came from the same zone as the presidential candidate Waziiri Adamawa, Atiku Abubakar is false.  If you are honest with this claim, your approach to rally your forces within the party and all the salvos fired against your Party in an environment that is already toxic was indecent, mischievous and misguided. MR Wike you went too far. 

It doesn’t hurt to talk to you , as part of the cost in political games  whereas In order arenas, it would have been a waste of time.

Again, the presidential primary election several months later where the zonal committee composed by NEC couldn’t come to a decision to agree to zone, Was it Ayu who disallowed to zone? Who’ decision was it not to apply the zoning formula? Or rather whose decision was it to resorting to leave it open to all eligible candidates?Was it Ayu?  It was not Ayu. As a matter of fact, it was collectively endorsed by the National Executive Committee which included all the Governors and the BOT members. Having upheld this decision, Not a single aspirant raised a query or an objection through out the presidential primary process. In order words, all the aspirants that contested the presidential primary election under PDP freely participated in the election understanding that anyone of the contestants could be the winner. It didn’t matter which side of the divide North or South. 

So what is the protest really about?” Could our founding fathers have anticipated this situation? I don’t think so. 

They would have provided a lea way. Our founding fathers are courageous, bold and deep. They would have been prepared for the unanticipated consequences of their decision. 

In this instance, the National Executive which includes all our Governor’s were responsible for this lapse. 

The irredentist  leaders led by  you, Wike,  are no heroes of the south. They participated in a struggle for power using every means necessary and lost out. They should own it. If they are willing to take responsibility and  correct the anomaly, they should allow the appropriate authority to take decision on the subject matter moving forward. 

In this case,  the responsibility squarely falls within the purview of the National Executive Committee.  Anyone objecting to NEC decision may take the case to BOT . Otherwise ask for the National Convention’s intervention. 

Wike, you cannot burn down the house because you are aggrieved. After all, you had every opportunity to have objected to the procedure, but you didn’t. 

You fully participated in the primary election and lost. It will be an ugly precedent for PDP to tolerate impunity in whatever form. 

You initially said BOT has nothing to offer you, now you are waiting for BOT’s resolution on the matter. You have been flip flopping. You couldn’t make up your mind either way because you are confused. You thought, you had the Party in your pocket  and the PDP presidential candidacy too. 

Your disappointment has no bound hence, your confusion.

I admonish you to retrace your step and not destroy the ladder you climbed up. Cooperate with the National Executive  Committee’s resolution on this issue as you must be mindful of Nigerian public expectations. Nigerians are looking for a Party that is forthright, bold and ready to govern from day one. They have gone through too much pain under the ruling party.

Many Nigerians are expecting you to reconcile with your Party because it is confusing why you should be a stumbling block to the success of the Party that had promoted you thus biting the finger that fed you.

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