Open letter to Tinubu over Muslim-Muslim ticket, by George Onmonya Daniel

Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu

Dear Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu,

I hope this message meets you in your sick bed in France. I wish you well.

I am writing to ask you to not be deceived, this Muslim – Muslim ticket business will cost you the name you want to make for yourself. You are not MKO Abiola and Nigeria of today was not the Nigeria of MKO Abiola. You should have your own mind, don’t let some people blackmail you into making the biggest mistake of your political carreer. If you make that Muslim – Muslim move, the church will mobilize the entire Christain Church against you. Do you see the amount of voters card registration recently? They are being done by Christians.

Recently Pastor Sarah of Family Worship told her congregation to not vote for any candidate that has no Christian representative, Bishop Abioye told his own Living Faith Church congregation to vote their faith. A lot of Christians may not care about religion when it comes to things like this but not this time, they are conscious now. They will be mass mobilisation to vote against a Muslim – Muslim ticket. Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, you will end up regretting your actions. Christians would massively vote for Atiku and Peter Obi. I personally will lead the mobilisation to vote against you.

If you succumb to the blackmail of power mongers and fanatics that a Yoruba Muslim is not Muslim enough to represent Muslims in Nigeria, you will be doing a great damage to the image of the Yoruba Muslims, wouldn’t you? That’s exactly the message they are giving you, threatening you with. Since this campaign started I have not seen Atiku’s photo in a mosque, but you have to be forced into mosques to take picture, do videos, even as an ill man sitting on a chair not stooping fully, to show you are a Muslim. You have to prove you are a Muslim. It is poignant, pathetic and ludicrous what you have to go through.

Do you know the reason for the Muslim – Muslim ticket, there is an assumption that you may end up dying, it is so so that a Muslim will replace you after you kaput sir. As ridiculous as it is, that’s the reason the proponent of Muslim – Muslim ticket are putting forward.

Mr. Jagaban, if you don’t do the right thing, we in our own ways, using of sphere of interest and power, will team up with Christians and do whatever is within our powers to see that you fail. All the best Jagaban.

By George Onmonya Daniel

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