Operation Amotekun irreversible, Group tells SW govs


The Federation of Yoruba Consciousness and Culture (Alajobi)  Wednesday cautioned the South west governors against taking negative advice on the existence of  Amotekun.

The over 5,000 Yoruba indigene  group in a statement issued in Ibadan specifically warned the six governors in the zone to be mindful of the kind of advice they take on the “irreversible”  Amotekun.

In the statement signed by the group’s president, Evangelist Kunle Adesokan, the group frowned at what it called ” frenetic pace with which Northern zone demanded the surrender of the outfit” adding that the move was suspicious.

“The frenetic pace with which Northern Nigeria demanded the surrender of South west’s desire to secure itself, against the backdrop of the federal government’s inability to ensure peace in Nigeria as a whole, is not only suspicious but smacks of ulterior motive. Once again, a thief promises to mend your door for you and you are happy. Should you not know that you have opened your door to the enemy?” the statement read in part.

The group added, “in South West, we value lives of human more than that of animals, the good reason we accommodate others in our lands without any threats.  The motive, we suspect was to leave the South west helpless and open to incessant attacks similar to the Benue, Plateau killing fields of recent times, when they buried their dead in hundreds on daily basis.

“When we were being attacked on daily basis, we had thought that the federal government would live up to its responsibility and as a responsible government, arrest the culprits. While we await succour, Pa Fasoranti’s daughter was gruesomely killed by blood thirsty bandits said to have costumed themselves in Fulani robes.

“Till today, no arrest has been made or anyone prosecuted for the crime”, adding, Amotekun, should be seen as “the Yoruba local security arrangement to tackle any attack on our lands without undermining the conventional police while our representatives in the National Assembly continues to ensure that the law that establishes the state police is achieved within the short possible time.

“Our lives are threatened by bandits who seem to be enjoying the backings of criminal elements at federal level. While  six South west states legislate Amotekun at each state House of Assembly, we are not cowards because we are not ready to sacrifice the lives of our people for the sake of our continued stay together any longer, hence, the urgent need for an indigenous security arrangement in the South west.” 

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