Orange, Apigate to launch digital App hub in Asia, Middle east, Africa


Orange, one of the world’s leading telecommunications operators, and Apigate, a subsidiary of Axiata Digital, announced a new partnership to strengthen their respective API hubs as part of their mutual ambition to advance global digital transformation.
Apigate and Orange’s new hub, Bizao will draw on their respective geographical strengths across Asia, the Middle East, and Africa, to deliver a suite of APIs to businesses, providing a streamlined and efficient method of accessing customers via a single entry point across regions. APIs provide the impetus for digital revolution and , enabling the delivery of new services such as mobile payment, , and identity. Through the partnership being discussed, APIs can be delivered to international and local companies alike, resulting in consolidation of traffic and expansion of reach.
The partnership will see Apigate delivering a digital enablement hub to soon-to-be launched Bizao, as well as a hub-to-hub connection of the operators’ API platforms to facilitate a single technical, commercial, and financial integration. This will enable faster deployment for businesses to distribute and monetise their services. The integrated will address multiple operators across each of the operator’s respective footprints in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.
“This exciting partnership is emblematic of our vision for digital transformation for the region and how we wish to be partners to businesses from the smallest start-ups to the largest organisations to help them grasp the that the digital age affords,” said Thomas Chalumeau, Chief Strategy Officer, Middle East and Africa at Orange.
Chief Executive of Axiata Digital, Mohd Khairil Abdullah says “This partnership marks an important milestone for the API businesses, where major telecom operator groups are collaborating to expand their reach across each other’s footprint.”

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