Ortom, Akume are good for nothing

Benue state governor Samuel Ortom

The Minister of Special Duties and Intergovernmental Affairs, Senator Akume, with the Governor of Benue State, Samuel Ortom, are a disgrace to the Tiv nation and the Benue people in general.

They have divided the state because of politics for their selfish interest, making it easier for the rogue herdsmen and other enemies of the sto invade and kill ceaselessly.

The governor recently announced his plan to drag the minister to court for the allegations of corruption levelled against him by the minister and that became news for all the media in the country because of the positions the two of them hold, if not, that shouldn’t have been something to report in the media for they have been of no use to the people of the state. All they do is to cause disunity among the people for their selfish interest.

Note, the two of them are Tiv and have occupied influential positions that can attract development in Tiv and the Benue people in general but what they do is to underdevelop the state by not speaking in one voice on issues that affect the people, by not being united to fight the rogue herdsmen that are killing their people on daily basis, raping their mothers, sisters, burning their houses, destroying farms to take over their land for their cattle to graze on.

Some Benue people have now chosen Akume against Governor Ortom and others have chosen Ortom against Akume in order to benefit from the two, not knowing that they are all contributing in destroying and destabilising the state.

It is unfortunate to have leaders that disunite their people, assist enemies in killing their people in order to get federal appointments and favour to succeed in their political careers.

During the new year attack in the state by rogue herdsmen where over 70 people were killed, Akume came out to announce those that died were not up to 70 as Governor Ortom alleged. These people are all from one tribe in the state and their people were attacked and killed by herdsmen but all they did was to argue about the number of those killed. Of what use and impact was their argument to the Benue people? That was a clear demonstration of disunity, hatred, and favour seeking. Governor Ortom always pretend to people that he loves them, while the minister (Akume) does same by pretending to Benue people and the federal government. What a pity!

Both are not doing what would benefit the common people in the state. They cater only for their families, relatives and friends. During the political campaigns, they share salt, rice, oil and other unnecessary stuff to the poor to get their support. What a mess!

I will continue to tell them the truth since I need no favour from them. They are the problems we have in Benue dtate, they are birds of a feather, they are selfish, they are very corrupt, they are good for nothing and nothing for good. They are noise makers and those following them to get one day’s favour need orientation.

Awunah Pius Terwase,
Mpape, Abuja
[email protected]

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