Ortom’s love for money can mortgage Benue state

Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue state is among the 22 governors that have applied for federal government’s grant to establish model ranches in their states. This is the same governor that has severally told the federal government that “Benue state has no land to donate for ranches”.

Many people have seen Governor Ortom as a hero because he is outspoken when it comes to blaming the federal government about the level of insecurity in his state and the country at large. At the same time, people didn’t know that with money, Governor Ortom can even sell the state to anyone who can afford to buy.

The idea of building ranches across the country is to tactically collect land from states and give to the Fulani herdsmen as part of the ongoing agenda to Islamise the country as claimed by many. Governor Ortom was even among those that accused President Muhammadu Buhari in an interview on Channels Television that he was aiding the herdsmen and he equally alleged the president wanted to Islamise the country.
Because money is now involved and funds will be released to the state governors that would accept building of ranches in their states, Governor Ortom has hastily applied since money is all that matters to him. 

As a concerned citizen of the state, representing the poor, the majority, the powerless, the voiceless and the entire people of the state, I want to state clearly that Governor Samuel Ortom is not representing the interest of the Benue people in his decision to accept grants for ranches in the state. He does not own the state and we cannot give our land to anyone to build ranches since we are not asking for land to build ranches in other people’s states.
In summary, Governor Ortom can accept the money and give his Oracle Farm, his houses and companies he built outside the country to the federal government to build ranches for herdsmen.
Awunah Pius Terwase,Mpape, [email protected]