Osinbajo: Victim of power play?

It is no longer news that Vice President Yemi Osinbajo is having an issue with Mr President’s cabals. In recent time, the vice president has been stripped of power being conferred on him either through constitution or otherwise. Although, from his body language, the veepee has never shown something has gone awry since the behind the scene running political battle began. It is not debatable or contestable to say, Osinbajo had enjoyed good or convivial working relationship with Mr President since they came on board in 2015. As speculated, the relationship between the duo went sour when Buhari travelled to UK for medical attention. As acting president, Osinbajo might have stepped on powerful toes. The proverbial last straw that broke the camel’s back and fueled this rift is the removal of director of DSS, Lawal Daura, who laid siege at the national assembly without the directive from acting president.

However, Osinbajo explained to Nigerians that he acted after he consulted Mr President. Also, the swearing in of Walter Onoghen as the chief justice of Nigeria did not go well with Buhari and his cabal. The former CJN was accused of corruption and did not deserve to hold the position. Also, Osinbajo is rumoured to have positioned himself to succeed Baba in 2023.These rumours could not be unconnected with the zoning arrangement by the leadership of the APC that, power should be shifted to South-west in 2023. Some politicians are not comfortable with Osinbajo’s loyalty and rising popularity. They see it as threat to their ambition and should be checked.

 After the 2019 election victory, Osinbajo became the first victim of power play. The president dissolved the economic advisory council headed by him. The social intervention programmes – Npower, tradermoni and school feeding – that were under the supervision of Osinbajo were moved to the new ministry of humanitarian and disaster management. The signing of deep offshore and inland production contract amendment bill in far away UK, by the president who was on two weeks private visit attested to the fact something has gone wrong. What about the recent sacking of some VP aides in which the presidency reacted it was done to cut the cost of governance? The million naira questions are: Who are these forces behind Osinbajo’s travails? What do they want to achieve? Will the face-off end very soon? Is the rift going to affect the smooth running of governance?


Pambegua, Kaduna state


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