Osun govt demand apology from Omisore, as UNESCO ‘denies’ funding Workers Drive road

Osun State government has demanded apology from the former Deputy Governor of the State, Senator Iyiola Omisore, for misleading member of the public in his claim that the recently commissioned Workers Drive road was funded by UNESCO.
A statement by the Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Mr. Adelani Baderinwa, said that UNESCO has put paid to rumour that it funded the acclaimed road.
The statement reads: “the Government wishes to remind the people that the embattled Omisore and his cohorts, including some sponsored professionals obviously serving pecuniary interest had last week, lied that UNESCO committed 70 per cent to the funding of the Workers Drive, wrongly claiming that the crisis riddled Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) had role in the reconstruction of the road.
“However, the UNESCO has denied committing any fund to the reconstruction of the former Olaiya-Odi-Olowo-Ita-Olokan Road, which connects the road that leads to Osun Groove in Osogbo, the state capital.
“UNESCO’s Communication Consultant (Regional Office), Mr Olusola Macaulay, has said UNESCO is not currently funding any project in the state, and that the state government at no time approached the organization to fund the Workers Drive.
“There was no time the Osun State government or its agencies approached UNESCO to support the project or contribute anything to it. We didn’t pay 70 per cent or any other fraction to the project, as being peddled.
“The UNESCO statement has confirmed the position of the government on the reconstruction of the road, and reinstated our claim that it was done 100 per cent from the Omoluabi Infrastructure Conservation Fund.
“Omisore should eat the humble pie and toe the responsible line with the UNESCO puncturing his blatant lies. He should be bold enough to apologise to Governor Rauf Aregbesola, the state government and the people of the state. Taking this step will help him in redeeming his battered and hogwash image in this matter.
“The former deputy governor has demonstrated, by engaging in rumour peddling and spreading falsehood, gross incompetence and lack of understanding to run government. He has exposed his intellectual laziness to think or conduct simple research on how a renowned organization like UNESCO run its affair before embarking on his white lies.
“It is crystal clear that Omisore has nothing to offer the people of the state of Osun and it is bad enough that he is a leading governorship aspirant of the opposition PDP which has shown that they lacked requisite person to hold the exalted position of the governor of Osun. This apparent failure is indicative of the fact that Omisore is a failed aspirant whose rabid desire to rule pushes to tell lies with a view to gain relevance, even when that hurts and dis-orients the people.
“The government advises Omisore to quickly look around for institution where he could take a course on how government and organisations run as his conduct so far has shown that he might have been impeached as a deputy governor because of his incompetence and misconduct.
“Let Omisore and his co-travelers in the journey of tomfoolery know that getting mischievous is not a good trait that endears an aspirant to the electorate, while lying so blatantly makes one to be a reject by God.
“The former deputy governor should desist from deliberate efforts at misinforming the people of the state and face his disgraceful and ignoble charges with the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).
“We urged the good people of the state to once again disregard the lies and leave Omisore, and his co-mischief makers to their irresponsibility.
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