Osun Osogbo Festival and Its boons

Osun Osogbo Festival, in Osun state of Nigeria, is one of the most celebrated events in the Yorùbá land, it usually attracts the attention of tonnes of people from all walks of life. Quite many are festivals that are not recognised, but the festival in discourse is conspicuous and it has gained root in the annals of Yorubaland.

As it is annually, the event is immensely graced with the presence of devotees, visitors, tourists, and journalists, irrespective of their religion; they are doing this not for mere attendance but to receive myriads of blessings from the deity.

Appeasing this deity is a panacea to various diseases or ailments, it gives fruitfulness to barren women, it serves as protection to the entire town, and it also unifies the people, especially Osun indigenes, to mention but a few.

During the festival, several prayers are placed in its front which are, believably, answered. He-goat, hot drinks (Schnapps), kolanut, fruits et al are those materials being used in getting the river placated or appeased.

Dr. Rafiu Isamotu, the Commissioner for Health in Osun state, in his interview with newsmen, admonished people to desist from drinking from the river because it was said that it has been contaminated with diseases.

It’s quite unfortunate that some people; devotees, tourists, and journalists, reportedly, hearken not to the instruction, not minding the hazard that may accompany their actions.

May the blessing of the festival be evident in all our endeavours and ramifications. May goddess of fertility guide us and disallow us from venturing in any form of action that will put stain to our immaculate toga of integrity.

Ore yeye Osun o.

Olayode Inaolaji,
Oja-Ajagun, Ogbomoso, Oyo state
[email protected]

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